Why I write

Can you believe that it took me close to 6 months before I decided to start this blog?

Yes it is true.

I almost didn’t start this blog.

I read a lot of personal finance and FIRE related books and blogs since our financial epiphany. Thanks to these books and blogs, I gained great insights. In late 2013 I started contemplating about starting my own personal finance & investing blog.

  • Do I really want to start a blog and publish posts regularly?
  • Do I want to share private personal information on the internet?
  • Do I want to share financial numbers on the internet?
  • Do I want to blog anonymously? Or do I want to blog using my real name?
  • Do I have interesting topics to write about?
  • Do I have enough topics to write?
  • Would people find my writing interesting to continue to follow the blog?

A lot of questions went through my head and I was debating whether to start the blog or not.

In the end, I set up the blog and published the very first post back on July 20, 2014.

I started blogging anonymously but I revealed my identity earlier this year. Now you can see my face and name on here.

280 published posts, a few dozens of draft posts (I have been working off-and-on on one post for the past 1.5 years. It’s still a draft!!!), and 8214 comments (half of them are probably mine) later, this little blog has been in existence for 3 years.

Blogging for 3 years seems like an eternity. At the same time, 3 years isn’t all that long either.

Why do I continue to write?

To me, I am not writing a personal finance blog; I am not writing an investment blog; I am not writing a financial independence retirement early blog.

I don’t want this blog to be just another personal finance blog, another investment blog, or another FIRE blog.

I want this blog to be different and unique.

In many ways, this blog has become an extension of my life. 

I write about topics that I deem important. I don’t just write about money, frugality, investment, and FIRE. I write about life philosophy and things that are important to me in life. After all, writing about money all day long is pretty boring.

So I love writing posts like

Some of these posts took days sometimes weeks to write. Some never end up being published (see above point on the 1.5 year old draft). In fact, most of my posts are probably not search engine friendly/optimized. I have never paid much attention to SEO. Writing these “How to,” “Top 10,” “How much,” and “Why this,” posts put me to sleep. I have published a few of these before but to be honest, they are boring to write.

I don’t want to write click bait posts.

I don’t want a huge pop-up window asking you to sign up for the newsletter so I can sell you stuff later.

I want you to follow the blog because you legitimately find my articles interesting.

I want you to sign up the newsletter because you want to get an email update whenever there’s a new post.

Yes, I realize that some of my articles can probably do a few rounds of spelling and grammar edits.

But I am not a professional writer.

I am ESL (English as Second Language). So please bear with me if you see some spelling and grammar mistakes here and there. I am doing my best to edit articles before publishing. Since the two kids take up a lot of Mrs. T’s time, she doesn’t have that much free time nowadays to proof read my articles. And from time to time I simply don’t catch my own mistakes. 🙁

In essence…I write because I enjoy writing.

I write because through this blog I have connected and met with a lot of awesome people.

I write because I want to share my knowledge and exchange ideas.

During a recent discussion about investing & retirement on Facebook, a friend of mine wrote the following…

I want my outdoor sporty friends to be financially independent, so we can spend more time playing outside.

Well said and totally makes sense!

So I will continue to write about my quest for joyful life and financial independence…. and everything in between. I hope that some of you will stick around. And I hope through my writing you can connect with me on some personal level.

Finally…. I would really appreciate if you could fill out this reader survey.

Thank you!



Written by Tawcan
Hi I’m Bob from Vancouver Canada, I am working toward joyful life and financial independence through frugal living, dividend investing, passive income generation, life balance, and self-improvement. This blog is my way to chronicle my journey and share my stories and thoughts along the way. Stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter. Or sign up via Newsletter