Canadian Dividend Blogs – The Ultimate Directory

Dividend investing is one of the most popular investing strategies among Canadians even though index ETFs have gained popularity in recent years. It’s easy to understand the attraction behind dividend investing – well established blue chip companies, the consistent dividends, tax efficiency, no need to touch the principal, and dividend income that’d keep up with inflation. 

Some people like rental properties to generate a passive income stream. However, after hearing some horror rental property stories from friends of ours, we have decided that dividend investing is a better way to go. Why? Because with dividend investing, you don’t have to deal with tenants, no leaky toilets, no midnight repair phone calls, evictions, etc. Dividend investing can be quite passive if you really wanted to. As dividend investors, it is a good idea to ignore all the noises, keep your emotions in check, and keep a dividend score card. 

Long-time readers will know that I have been publishing monthly dividend income reports since I started this blog in 2014. It is our goal to one day live off dividends. When we reach this milestone, we can call ourselves financially independent. We’d no longer need to rely on employment income to pay for our expenses. The world would be our oyster and we’d have the option to work if we really want to.

Given the attractiveness of dividend investing, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this blog is not the only Canadian dividend investing blog on the internet. In fact, there are a ton of blogs out there and the Canadian dividend investing community is very strong. It is always fun to find like-minded people and talk about dividend investing. 

If you’re like me, who never uses bookmarks, it’s difficult to remember all the blogs out there. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of Canadian dividend investing blogs available. 

Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs – Criteria & Eligibility

Since there is a ton of Canadian content on the internet on dividend investing, I need to create some selection criteria and eligibility to include a blog on the ultimate directory of Canadian dividend investing blogs. 

  • Written by Canadians, eh?
  • Invest in dividend stocks, not just index ETFs
  • Focus on the Canadian side of investing
  • Share regular dividend income reports
  • Write about dividend investing, investing strategies, and their dividend investing journey
  • Must be active (i.e. the latest post must be less than three months old)

When I started blogging in 2014, many other Canadians also started their own dividend investing blogs. Unfortunately, many of these have ceased to exist. I suppose that’s the reality of blogging. Many blogs disappear after six months. 

If I missed anyone or you’d like to be included in the Canadian dividend investing blogs directory, please contact me.

Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs – The Ultimate Directory

For the ultimate directory of Canadian dividend investing blogs, I covered the blogs by the different Canadian regions. 

West Coast – BC

  • Another Loonie – Loonie a 28 year old from the metro Vancouver area. Impressively, Loonie bought his first home at the young age of 27. He has been sharing his net worth and passive income every month. 
  • Dividend Earner – Dividend Earner is a dividend blogger from the metro Vancouver area. Although we have exchanged emails many times, I haven’t had the pleasure to meet him in person yet. Dividend Earner has a solid dividend portfolio that’s estimated to earn him over $30,000 in 2020. Dividend Earner has a retirement number of $1,777,777. At a 4.5% dividend yield, the portfolio will generate $80,000 in dividend income. 
  • Dividend Growth Investing and Retirement – DGI&R is the brain behind the Canadian Dividend all-star List. I’m extremely grateful for his meticulous all-star list that gets updated every month. Recently DGI&R wrote an excellent series on wide moat dividend stocks. Check out the 8 Canadian Wide Moat Dividend Growth Stocks and I’m sure you’ll learn something. I certainly did! 
  • Freedom 35 Blog – Liquid Independence is from Vancouver. He achieved financial independence in 2020 at 32! If you follow him on Twitter, he shares a lot of bad puns (ha ha!). Liquid’s investment portfolio is highly leveraged, so if you want to learn more about leveraging, look no further. Secretive with his identity. I am glad to have met Liquid in person at one of the blogger meetups that I organized. 
  • Gen Y Money – GYM was the brain behind the original Young & Thrifty. After selling Young & Thrifty, she took a break from the personal finance world. However, since personal finance is too sexy, GYM started another successful blog. Although GYM is from Vancouver, I have yet to meet her in person. One day, hopefully! Outside of dividend investing, GYM and I share a common interest in travel hacking. It is GYM’s goal to stay at one of the luxurious hotels in the Maldives. 
  • Tawcan – Hey that’s me! If you want to read more about me, look here.  

Prairies – Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

  • Labour to Leisure (Alberta) – Brian is from St. Albert. A fellow dad, he has two kids. Like me, Brian has been working with the same company for over 14 years. In 2020, Brian has a goal of receiving over $3,100 in dividend income.
  • Money Master (Manitoba) – Jordan is from Winnipeg and has two young kids. A Winnipeg Jets season ticket holder, he’s really into hockey (which Canadian isn’t?). Outside of dividend investing, Jordan is very passionate with whisky and cocktails. It sure would be cool to share a bourbon with Jordan in person one of these days. 

Central Canada – Ontario, Quebec

  • All About Dividends (Ontario) – Matthew is from a small town in Ontario working as a security guard and custodian. Matthew’s investing career started when he was 20 years old. Like me, he was investing in high fee mutual funds and eventually took investing on his own hands by doing DIY investing. Matthew has been using Wealth Simple Trade and it has been interesting to hear about his experience with this commission-free trading platform. 
  • Dividend Daddy (Ontario) – Dividend Daddy has a goal of dividend/distribution income of $50k using a combination of index ETFs and dividend paying stocks. He has been investing using index ETFs since his mid-20s.
  • Dividend Income Stocks (Quebec) – German is from Montreal and started with his investment journey in 2020, a year after TFSA was introduced in Canada. His goal is to generate $1,000 in dividend income per month. When this happens, German and his wife won’t have to depend on two salaries and his wife can retire early. With a dividend portfolio comprising several REITs, I often look at German’s opinion when I research a new Canadian REIT. 
  • Dividends & FNB (Quecbec) – Dividends & FNB is from Montreal and started the blog in 2020.
  • Get Rich brothers (Ontario) – As the name suggests, Get Rich Brothers is run by two brothers in Ontario with the common goal of bringing straightforward talk about finances to the masses. The two brothers have been averaging about $600 in dividend income per month in 2020, which is absolutely fantastic!
  • My Dividend Snowball (Ontario) – Sam is the brain behind My Dividend Snowball. He lives in Mississauga, Ontario with his wife and 2 wonderful kids. Sam is an average investor with a passion for dividend growth investment and healthy lifestyle living. He has been investing in stock over 20 years, but just started in Dividend Growth Investing since 2017.
  • My Own Advisor (Ontario) – Mark is one of the Canadian dividend blogs that I started reading and following in my early 30’s. Mark has a goal of having a $1 million dividend portfolio and believes in FIWOOT (Financial Independence Work on Own Terms). It’s pretty cool that I have gotten to know Mark over the years. I had the pleasure of sharing a room with Mark at FinCon 2019 and had a blast talking to him about financial independence and dividend investing. 
  • Investment Talk (Ontario) – Susan has been blogging since 2008 and has written a ton of stock analyses on her blog. She hasn’t had a mainstream job since 1999. To ensure a sustainable lifestyle, Susan utilizes a two prong attack of controlling spending and earning income. She technically doesn’t share any dividend income report but her stock analyses are extremely detailed and thorough. 
  • Passive Canadian Income (Ontario) – Rob is another Canadian dividend investing blogger that I got to know over the years thanks to Twitter. In 2011, Rob and his wife had almost $60,000 in debt and negative net worth. After nine years, they have paid off all their debt. They are aiming to generate over $20,000 in dividend and other passive income by 2025. Since Rob is a die-hard Maple Leafs fan, I’ve had some fun with Rob about the Leafs in recent years (i.e. whenever they lose in the playoffs in the 1st round). 
  • Our Life Financial (Ontario) – Melissa and her husband live in Ontario and have been hustling since their early 20s investing in real estate and stocks.
  • Reverse The Crush (Ontario) – On Reverse The Crush, Graham focuses on building income streams through blogging and dividend investing to reach financial independence. Graham started the blog during a personally funded mini-retirement in 2015 and has continued to generate content ever since. Graham has worked in the financial services industry as a mutual fund advisor and stockbroker, so it has always been interesting to read his takes about the industry.  
  • Settling Nomad (Ontario) – Mr. R and Mrs. M live in Ontario with two daughters. Originally from India, they immigrated to Canada in 2013. A relatively new blog, Mr. R and Mrs. M have a dividend income goal of $30,000 per year by 2025. 
  • The Dividend Guy Blog (Quebec) – A few years ago, Mike quit his job and travelled down to South America in an RV with his wife and three kids. It was really cool to follow his travel stories. Since quitting his corporate job, he has set the goal to stay at a place for a month each year with his family. Last year, they went to Vietnam and stayed there for a month. Mike is the brain behind Dividend Stocks Rock and does some fantastic and thorough stock analysis. 

Atlantic Canada –  New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

  • Million Dollar Journey (Newfoundland) – Frugal Trader was one of the Canadian dividend investors that inspired me to start DIY investing when I first started reading personal finance blogs. Frugal Trader has achieved a net worth of $1 million before age 40 and his dividend portfolio generated over $60,000 in 2020. 
  • The Dividend Girl (New Brunswick) – Sunny is one of the original Canadian dividend investing bloggers as she started her blog back in 2007. Her current dividend portfolio is a little shy of $300,000. Like Liquid, Sunny is not a stranger to leveraged investing.  


  • Canadian Dividend Adventure – This is a relatively new blog started by a fellow Canadian, although I haven’t been able to determine where the author lives. It’s always nice to see another Canadian dividend investing blog. 
  • Finance Journey – Finance Journey plans to achieve $1 million in net worth and receive $25,000 in annual dividend income by Dec 31, 2024. While Finance Journey is anonymous, I have enjoyed reading the monthly dividend income reports and net worth updates.
  • Investing Pursuits – The author proclaimed himself as an average middle class worker who wants to leave the rat race sooner than later. He’s doing so through saving and investing. In 2020 Invest Pursuits is averaging over $450 in dividend income per month. 
  • My Road to Wealth and Freedom – Gen X Investor doesn’t mention where he’s from but by deduction I figured he’s from somewhere in Canada. Gen X has been posting monthly dividend reports and has shown some impressive monthly income. 

Additional Resources for Canadian dividend investors

Here are some additional resources that I have found very useful for Canadian dividend investors.

I hope this ultimate directory of Canadian dividend investing blogs is useful. Did I miss any Canadian dividend blogs? Any additional resources you find useful? Let me know! 

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28 thoughts on “Canadian Dividend Blogs – The Ultimate Directory”

  1. Hi Bob. There are some blogs missing here including mine. I’m a dividend & ETF investor since 2016 but started my blog in 2020. That will be nice to be included here on this list. All these bloggers are following me on Twitter, excepting you! Lol! ‍♂️ The funny part is that you are the one who inspired me to start my FIRE path when I found out your journey within a Montreal business newspaper. Up to you to add me in this list! See ya!

  2. Excluding Tom Connolly, ( is like excluding Warren B among a top investors list. Tom was recommending dividend growth investing when most of those mentioned, were still in diapers. His message has remained the same over the 40 years; invest in quality dividend growth stocks. He has never recommended fixed assets, Mutual Funds, ETFs, REITS, Preferred Shares, Alternative investments, Income trusts, and even investing in US dividend growth stocks. But I’m sure he’s not offended, many have dismissed his recommendations over the years, but those who have followed him, myself included, are the ones who have benefitted the most.

    • Tom’s well known within the dividend growth community. However, Tom’s website doesn’t not fall into the criteria that I outlined, hence for not listing his site on this directory.

  3. Really appreciate the inclusion, Bob.

    Great list of fellow DGIers. Many I’ve been reading, and some I need to put on my list to keep track of.

    Always great when we get some crossover in portfolios and know we’re all making money together.

    Take care,

  4. Such a great list, Tawcan. I’ve added a few of these blogs to my follow list. Thanks for the mention as well! I really appreciate it and all you’ve done for our little personal finance community up here in Canada!

  5. Thanks for putting together this awesome resource! I look forward to checking out some new bloggers and learning new way to improve my own investment portfolio and dividend path. Happy New Year to you & your family!

  6. Happy New Year Bob!

    Thank you for the mention, when I started writing about my investment journey 6 months ago during Covid lockdown, you were my inspiration. Feels good to be mentioned by you.

    All the best to you for your financial independence goals, while I aim to get $8500 in dividends this year.

  7. wow great write up to see where everyone is from.

    one correction though – Ryans blog is get rich brothers, not get rice brothers! haha Pretty funny. Makes me want a green curry rice bowl.

    Thanks for including me – This is the year we make it to the 2nd round. We will be seeing your team a lot more this year. Are you guys ready for the Thornton, Matthews, Marner line? How bout the Vesey, Tavares, Nylander? Ohh this is gonna be a good year. Go leafs!

  8. Hi Bob,

    Very helpful list with a few names I’ll have to check out.

    Another blog would be run by 80 year old Tom Connolly of Kingston, Ontario. It’s subscription service but he provides a lot free information on his website. What’s unique about Tom is that he’s been investing in Canadian dividend growth equities (and absolutely nothing else) since 1984 starting with a newsletter.

    One other blog I always look up would be 78 year old Henry Mah in Edmonton, Alberta at In addition to his website Henry has also published three books on dividend investing. “Your Ever Growing Income”, “Your TFSA Compounder”, and “Income Investing Explained”.

    • The reason why I didn’t include them on the list is because they don’t fall into the selection criteria. Don’t get me wrong, both Tom and Henry have some really great contents and I’ve certainly learned a lot from the both of them.

  9. That’s a very thorough list of dividend bloggers Bob. Thanks for including me in the list. I didn’t realize there were so many of us. I’ll have to check out some of those blogs. Investing in dividend growth stocks has been one of my best financial decisions ever. 🙂 It started out slow but after a decade of consistently adding to my portfolio I’m finally starting to see it pay off in a big way.


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