How society is killing creativity


Mrs. T showed me this interesting video the other day. I have embedded the video below. Please finish watching it before you continue reading the rest of this post. πŸ™‚

Some thoughts about the video

  • Isn’t it sad that in the video everyone is doing the same thing every single day? Kids go to school and adults go to work. That’s the social norm. Both kids and adults in the video are so lifeless. They lack passion and joy. The dad in the video only turns back to blue because he gets energy from his kid. How many of us feel this way after a long day of work? Shouldn’t we see and treat work differently?
  • We have been told by our parents and others on how to live and what an ideal life is supposed to be like. Go to school, study hard, get good grades, go to a prestigious university, graduate with good grades, get a good job, work hard, get married, get a fancy car, live in a fancy house, climb the corporate ladder, make lots of money, work until 65 before you can finally retire, relax, and be happy. If we don’t follow these socially accepted norms, we are looked down and labeled as outcasts, just like the violin player in the video. Is the social norms the right approach for everyone? Should we blindly follow these socially accepted norms? I do not think so. Take pursuing financial independence and/or early retirement  (FIRE) for instance. Because the concept is so radically different than the socially accepted norms, people cast fear, uncertainties, and doubt with this idea. I am not saying that FIRE is the right and only approach. Rather than rejecting a new idea right away, be open to it. Don’t shut down or ridicule an idea right away without making an effort to understand it first. FIRE isn’t the right answer for everyone. If you have taken the time to understanding what FIRE is then determined that the standard freedom 65 approach is the right way for you, kudos to you. For me, financial independence is the way to go. Once I am financially independent, I have the option to decide whether I will continue working or not. I have the power. I would work because I choose to rather than have to.
  • Why does the public school system put so much focus on academic? We learn about language, math, and science at school. For the most part, the school “teachings” involve memorization rather than problem solving and logical thinking. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at any school tests. Most of them focus on memorization rather than problem solving and logical thinking. It is important to learn about language, math, and science, but it is just as important to learn about arts, music, poetry, and etc. Test grades do not and should not define whether you are smart or not. You can be book smart but lack street smart/common sense. The last thing you want is to have a kid that is book smart but cannot deal with the real life.
  • Why are we allowing the daily 9-5 grind to kill our inner child, our creativity, and our talents? Work should be a small subset of our lives. It should not dictate our lives.
  • Parents will want the best for their children. However, being a parent does not give us the rights to tell our kids what they should do with their lives. We should provide them with every possible opportunities to allow them flourish and be successful in their own ways.
  • We need to remember to enjoy the present moment and not constantly looking ahead. When we are constantly looking for the new shiny things, we forget what is important to us and what brings joy to us. If early retirement isn’t for you, there is nothing wrong with working until you are 65 or older. But please, do not develop the mindset that you can only relax when you retire. It is simply too dangerous to wait until retirement to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Rather, learn to enjoy the present moment and cherish what you have in life right now.

Do you have any thoughts after watching the video? I would love to hear them.

Written by Tawcan
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