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Hello and welcome to In case you are wondering, Tawcan stands for Taiwanese Canadian, a name that I invented when I first started using the internet in the 90’s. Since nobody uses this username, it just stuck with me ever since.

I am Bob, a millennial, frugalist, dividend & index DIY investor, portrait & wedding photographer, cookbook author, and outdoor enthusiast. My wife and I started our quest for joyful life and financial independence in 2011. I use this blog to chronicle our quest for joyful life and financial independence.

Why Joyful Life and Financial Independence?

Why do my wife and I want to become financially independent? It comes down to our desire to have more freedom and choices in life. We want to have an extraordinary life, not just an ordinary one.

While being financially independent is important, it is just one of the many goals that we have in life. We put high priority on having joy and happiness every day. Hence, we regularly ask ourselves if the choices we make in life make us a happier person. For some ideas to start, here are a few of our popular posts:

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My Story

My family and I immigrated to Canada from Taiwan in 1995 when I was 13 years old. Back then I knew a very limited amount of English – the 26 alphabets and a few basic phrases. The first year in Canada was tough. For many months, I didn’t understand anything that my teachers and classmates said. To improve my English proficiency quickly, I studied English on my own after school every day. After an intense year of learning English, I was removed from the English as Second Language (ESL) classes. Through this experience I realized that determinations would always lead to success.

I met my wife, Ayoe, in 2009 at a Movember party. Somehow she felt in love with me, probably because of the fancy mustache I drew (not grew) on my face. She was an exchange student from Denmark exploring Canada. For some reason, the mix between a Dane and a Taiwanese was inseparable. Although we came from places half the world apart, we shared many similarities.

I proposed to Ayoe at her birthday party, in front of many of our friends. I was pretty sure she’d say yes!

She was expecting a sewing machine as her birthday present.

Nobody at the party expected a marriage proposal.

She was beyond shocked when she opened her eyes and saw me kneeling on the ground.

We got married three times and spent less than $9,000 all together. This was 27.8% of the Canadian national average wedding cost in 2014. Needless to say, frugality runs deep in the both of us.

Since starting our quest for joyful life and financial independence, we have added a son and a daughter to our family. They are our sunshines.

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