Weekend Reading – spring is here edition

I’m so glad it’s Friday! Between meetings, presentations, and dinners, my work schedule was a bit hectic this week. Getting home late from work dinner and having to get up super early for meetings the next day for multiple times this week meant I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. Hence for my tweets the other day:

Talk about being sleep deprived!

Next week will be just as busy at work because I have a few meetings with customers and dinners planned. While I love and enjoy my job, I’m glad that our dividend portfolio is working hard for us generating income so I don’t have to work this hard in the near future.

The weather here in Vancouver has been fabulous lately. Spring has finally arrived and we’re getting a good dose of sunshine. It’s great to be able to walk around outside in a t-shirt and enjoy the warm weather. 🙂

Can you believe how quickly time has gone by? 5 years ago I proposed to Mrs. T at her birthday party in front of a bunch of of our friends. Before Mrs. T blew out the birthday cake candles, I asked her to close her eyes so I could give her a gift. She thought I was going to give her a sewing machine as she had been wishing for one for ages. When she opened her eyes and saw me on one of my knees with an engagement ring, she was completely shocked. None of our friends expected this either. A month later we got married very cheaply. Hard to believe that 5 years later we are now parents to two little kids.


Baby T2.0 is going through a growth spurt so she wants to feed ALL THE FREAKING TIME. So it has been slightly challenging for Mrs. T to get some sleep at night. She’s trying to nap during the day but Baby T1.0 and T2.0’s nap schedules don’t usually align. Given that the growth spurt typically only last a week or so, hopefully we’ll be able to get back to some OK sleeping schedule.

As you probably have figured, my blog post publication has reduced slightly, hopefully we’ll get back to about 2 posts per week schedule soon. I have some great ideas in my mind, so just need to find time to write.

Although not writing as much as I usually do, I managed to read lots of great articles over the last few weeks. Here are some great articles that I came across. Enjoy!


Steve wrote about Never strive to eliminate fear from your life. Yes a balance dose of fear is helpful. I’m a true believer that if we’re too comfortable living and not learning, we’re busy dying.

Mr. Zombie loves Boardgaming your way to to freedom. Mrs. T and I love board games too, we particular like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride. Are you a big board game fan?

FI Fighter explained How he walked away a $200,000/year “Dream Job” at 31 to live his life. Very inspiring!

Cait discussed The true cost of wasting money on getting wasted. Wow I didn’t realize that drinking costs that much money over time.

Robb at Boomer & Echo explained Why Indexing Doesn’t Mean Settling For Average Returns. Although I’m mostly a dividend growth investor and do invest in some index ETF’s, Robb’s article was extremely interesting.

Bryan at Income Surfer wrote that They’ve tasted FI and it is sweet. Love it!

Physician on FIRE asks How much is enough? A great question to ponder. 🙂

Mrs. SSC said that She’s tired of chasing money – let’s chase happiness! Can’t agree more.

Our Next Life wondered What’s Our Money Really For? // There’s More to Life Than Future Goals.

Do you invest in US equities? If so, you should read Mark’s piece on If you’re investing in U.S. stocks or ETFs

Maggie wrote about When money and love don’t mix.

Ambertreeleaves wrote about Banking Perks – Qualify Times. 

JC wrote about Forecasting Dividend Growth. Great topic!

Bert at Dividend Diplomats explained Why he’s not in a hurry to buy a house. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Written by Tawcan
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