Tawcan is a Canadian personal finance and dividend investing blog that chronicles my quest for financial independence and joyful life.

I started this blog to show it is possible to achieve financial independence as a single-income family with two young kids while living in Vancouver Canada, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

My wife and I started building our dividend portfolio in 2011 after a financial epiphany.

Today, the portfolio generates over $4,500 in dividends per month. Our dream is to become financially independent and live off dividends by 2025.


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10 ways to save money without noticing it

For us, frugal living is all about living below our means and cutting off unnecessary spendings. Having said that, after cutting off most unnecessary spendings you need to look for other ways to trim your spending …

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Best Financial Advice

Before leaving home to attend university I decided to apply for my very first credit card through TD Bank. I was approved with a $6000 credit limit.  Having my own credit card made me felt like …

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