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This post is inspired by Dividend Hustler who nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. For those unfamiliar, this is a fun way of sharing details about the nominated blogger (in this case, me) with a few questions posted by the person nominating. Thanks for the nomination, Dividend Hustler.


1. Name the top three experiences from your past, that help form who you are today.

  • When my family and I immigrated to Canada from Taiwan 20 years ago, I knew very little English. I knew the English 26 letters and a few simple phrases. That’s it. The first few months of school was a scary experience for me. I basically understood nothing of what my teachers and classmates said. To expedite my learning process, every day after school I would try to read and understand basic children’s books. My parents were very supportive and were a great help. It certainly helped to have none of my classmates speaking the same language as me. I was forced to quickly pick up English so I could communicate. My hard work paid off and I was out of ESL (English as Second Language) classes by the end of the school year. From this experience I learned that anything is possible as long as I put my mind and heart into it.
  • Being involved in the birth of my son and seeing Mrs. T giving birth to our son without any drugs. She used hypnosis so she could have a natural birth at home. Because we were at home and we knew the midwives well, it was a very intimate experience. It was amazing to be present at such an amazing once-in-a-life-time (for now) event and helping out Mrs. T and Baby T. This experience has helped me to be more appreciative of my mom, I certainly wouldn’t be who I am today without her. The birth experience also made me fall in love with Mrs. T even more.
  • I was involved heavily in Scouts during my teenage years. I was quite shy and introverted when I first joined Scouts. One of the Scouts leaders basically took me under his wings and helped shaping me into who I am today. Unfortunately this Scouts leader passed from cancer about 10 years ago. The said Scouts leader wasn’t a rich person and lived a very simple life. I would always remember his funeral and how many people (close to a thousand) attended his funeral. He was heavily involved in the community and helped out many people whenever he could. I learned that your impact to the society isn’t measured by how much money you have but rather how many people you have helped out during your lifetime.

2.  If you have one important piece of advice for investors starting out what would it be?

  • Read up on investment books prior to pulling the buy trigger. Knowledge is power.

3.  What was the worst investment in your life?  How do you avoid making the same mistakes?

  • For my first co-op job during university I had to get a car to get to the different job sites. I got a used car for $2,000 without doing much research and drove all over greater Vancouver in a span of 4 months. The car ran fine until the last week of the 4 months period where something went wrong with the auto transmission. The car would jerk violently when I went above 60 km/hr. When I took the car to a mechanic to find out what’s wrong with it, I was told it would cost $5,000 to fix the transmission. I ended up selling the car for $200. The initial $2,000, insurance, gas, and the cost of 4 months of parking pass, that was extremely poor ROI. I would avoid making the same mistake by doing my homework more when it comes to buying a used car.

4.  Outside of work and investing, what is your biggest passion in life?

  • Right now my family, meaning spending as much time as I can with Mrs. T and Baby T. Another thing I’m very passionate about is photography as I have a side photography business and I love to travel and cook and eat good food.

5.  What is your top 3 Favorite books of all time?  Why?

I read a lot, so it’s kind of hard to pick out just 3 books. Here are my picks. 🙂

  • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. This book went by a few names that are not politically correct in today’s world. I am a big fan of mystery books and this one has to be my favourite of all time. In this book, ten strangers, each with a dark secret, are lured by someone to an uninhabited island and were killed off one by one, to the exact same way as a poem found on the island. Who is the murderer? You can’t guess until the last few pages of the novel.
  • A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. Being a physics & math nerd in heart, I absolutely loved this timeless classic by Dr. Hawking. The book was written in such simple way that everyone can understand. We all wonder how the universe started and this book gives a good detailed summary of Dr. Hawking’s theory.
  • How to Influence People and Make Friends by Dale Carnegie. If you want to be a better people person, you should read this book. A lot of rock-solid, time-tested advice are given in this book and after putting these advice into practice I’ve seen a tremendous success in both my work and personal life.

Thanks for reading. To continue the tradition, I’ll nominate a few fellow bloggers and post my set of five questions. I nominate Mark from My Own Advisor Lanny & Bert from Dividend Diplomats, Jeremy & Winnie from Go Curry Cracker and Even Steven Money.

Here are my questions:

1. Name the top three experiences from your past, that help form who you are today.

2. If you receive 5 million dollar today, what would you do with the money? 

3. If you can travel to anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go, what would you do and why?

4. If you were to start investing today from the beginning, what would you do? What would your asset allocation be? Would you do something different than what you are doing today?

5. Outside of work and investing, what is your biggest passion in life?


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