Dividend Income – May 2022 Update

Tawcan dividend income May 2022 update

Welcome to another monthly dividend update. Through these regular dividend updates, I hope to demonstrate that it is possible to build up a sizable dividend portfolio and eventually live off dividends. For those that are …

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2022 Goals and Resolutions – Q1 Update

2022 goals and resolutions Q1 update

I have been publishing updates on my goals and resolutions since 2019. In many ways, this practice has kept me accountable and helped me to stay focused on tasks ahead. Last year, due to the …

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Die with zero – Does it make sense?

Die with zero

Recently I met up with a good friend for a much-needed chat. Over the course of a few tasty cans of beer, my friend mentioned that he recently listened to the “Die with Zero” audiobook …

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