Today a co-worker of mine lost his battle with ALS. He was a kind gentleman and a good friend to many of us. Because he worked remotely, I only saw him every few months. The last few times I saw him, I was sadden to see that physically he had gotten worse. The passing came as a shock to everyone as he was still working and exchanging emails with many of us hours before his passing. He worked despite the condition and never let the disease become an obstacle. In many ways, working kept the lights in him burning. He was truly inspirational without trying to be.

The news hit some of my co-workers quite hard, especially ones have been working with him closely on a daily basis. Given the nature of ALS, we all knew it was a matter of when but we didn’t expect to be so soon. It was a complete shock to learn about his passing today.

Driving back from work today I thought about his passing and reflected on life…

When I got home and gave Mrs. T a kiss, I took the time to enjoy the kiss and let it sink it. When I gave Baby T1.0 a hug shortly after, I also took the time to enjoy it. When I was playing with Baby T2.0 after dinner, I also took the time to enjoy it.

We all exchange our time for money. We then use money to purchase things that we need and want in life. Yet when we need time the most, we find that we cannot buy time with our money. Oh the irony of life. šŸ™‚

Time is precious and life is too short. While many of us are fighting for our financial independence, we all need to remember to enjoy the present. We can’t be constantly looking to the future and thinking that we only can be happy once we reach financial independence. Be present and be thankful for what we have right at this moment.

Stop all the guilts and all the worries. Guilts are a result of the past and we can’t change what’s already happened in the past; worries are a result of the future and we can’t control the future. What we can do is live our life to the fullest right at this very moment and enjoy what’s around us. At the same time, do plan for a better and brighter future.

Ask yourself – do the choices you make in your life make you a happier person? If it takes you a long time to answer this question or your answer is no, it’s time to rethink about the choices you make.

Start focusing on the positive things Think positively, learn how to be at peace with yourself, and start being happy with yourself right now instead waiting until tomorrow to get started.

Because tomorrow might be too late.



Written by Tawcan
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