Enjoy the small things in life

Because we live in a world of high speed internet and advancing electronics, many of us are constantly in the go-go-go mode. It seems that so many people are always busy. These people have a million tasks to do and have committed to a million different things. How often do you hear people are “busy” nowadays? I sure hear this comment all the time. Are these people really busy or are they trying to create a false reality because we have associated being busy as being important?

It’s easy to spend every day pretending to be busy. You’re not busy, you are simply trying to create the perfect image of yourself to show to others. To create this perfect image you spend every single moment of you life chasing that big dream – a new car, a new house, a hefty pay raise, etc. You’re too “busy” to look around and appreciate what you already have.

Too often we forget to take a step back and appreciate what we already have. Your car may be 8 years old and has been reliable and worry free. Instead of dreaming or buying a new car, wash your car and give appreciation to your car. You may live in a small apartment and want to move to a bigger house. Instead of dreaming a bigger house, buy some flowers and decorate the apartment to give appreciate to your apartment on how it has been able to provide a roof over your head. Simple gestures like ones mentioned can bring happiness and calmness to your life. You can also do the same to your friends and family. Stop being on your smartphone all the time and actually have a conversation with your friends and family. Practice saying thank you from the bottom of your heart to people that have helped you.

We all need to take time and enjoy the small things in life. People that don’t take the time to appreciate and enjoy the small things in life may never be satisfied. This only leads to more wants and the never ending cycles of buying more stuff. Ever wonder why there are so many people in debt and have too many unnecessary stuff? Learn to appreciate the small things in life and appreciate what you already have will make you a happier person in the long run. Stop trying to show off to other people. Stop caring what others think about you. You’re perfect the way you are.

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14 thoughts on “Enjoy the small things in life”

    • Man I love sunset by the ocean. Very appreciative of living close to the ocean. Definitely brings calmness when seeing sunset at the sea.

  1. I’ve been working hard on slowing down and enjoying the ride over the last few years. It was a big change for me but appreciating my family has been so rewarding.

    I liked how you tied in appreciating what you already have. I did my closet cleanout this week and even though I have a comparatively small wardrobe, I tried everything on and fell back in love with a few pieces I had written off.

  2. Too true. Sometimes I just like to step back, reflect on everything that is happening in my life. I’d realize how lucky and blessed I am to be still alive and still have friends and family surrounding me in such a beautiful city. At the same time, I’d also realize that even though my mom and dad are no longer around, I still feel deeply appreciated for all the things they’ve done and sacrificed to bring me to this beautiful city.

    • Hi Money Pincher,

      It’s always important to step back and appreciate what you have in life and what others have done for you.


  3. I’m oftentimes on the smartphone waaaaay too much – there’s just so much good readings to constantly catch up on (like Tawcan) 😉

    But I’ve made the effort to start more conversations in the elevator at home, and it’s great the things you learn about people just by putting away the phone and chatting!

    We all need to appreciate what we have and stop to take the time to stop and look around at the surrounding vista.

  4. Very insightful post Tawcan. These are the types of motivational posts that I really enjoy reading the most. That is why I try to strive to motivate others and seek out improving ways to do things more so than focusing on dividend investing. There are alot more people out there better than I am in detailing out stock analysis than I am 🙂

  5. Bang on target, Tawcan. People either consciously or subconsciously try to be busier than they are in order to create that image and miss out of enjoying life. Next thing you know – they are on their death bed wondering where all the time went.
    One of my biggest peeve is people on their cellphones checking social media when with others. Instead of talking to friends who arent there, why not take the time to talk to the ones who are with you?


    • Hi R2R,

      I can’t say I’m perfect but I do try to make an effort to not check my phone. I don’t understand people that check their phones in a restaurant when sitting with a bunch of people. I’m sorry that’s just rude.



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