Travel inspiration – Round the World travel

Mrs. T sent me this interesting article the other day where a family of four booked round the world tickets and traveled the world for a year. After reading the article, both Mrs. T and I got very inspired and thought this would be a fabulous way to spend a year on the road as a family.

Spending extended time on the road exploring different cities isn’t an uncommon concept for many personal finance bloggers. For examples, Steve and his wife at Think Save Retire is traveling across Americas with an Airstream; Jeremy, Winnie, and Julian at Go Curry Cracker are living the nomadic lifestyle; Mike at The Dividend Guy Blog is traveling across Americas for a year with his family; Michelle at Making Sense of Cents is living in an RV with her husband;Β Amanda and Travis at Freedom with Bruno are exploring Americas with their SUV Bruno. These are just a few examples, I am sure there are more!

Mrs. T and I started talking a bit more about a RTW trip once the kids are older. The more we talked about it, the more excited we got.

A few random thoughts…

  • RTW trip would allow us to see and experience so many things that we can’t from living in Vancouver.
  • We would be able to scratch off a lot of areas on our travel map.
  • We would probably be able to complete our dream of setting foot on all 7 continents.
  • If we do a RTW trip in 5 years or so, we should be semi-financially independent. Traveling between lower cost of living countries like South East Asia and higher cost of living areas like Europe, the overall expenses may still be lower than spending a year in Vancouver. By then Baby T1.0 and T2.0 will be elementary school age and be more independent.
  • In the grant scheme of things, taking a year off to travel around the world isn’t a big deal. We can home-school both kids. If our passive income can’t cover all the expenses, we can look consider location independent part-time jobs.
  • From my quick research, the ticket price is actually quite reasonable considering you get something like 15+ flights with multiple stops. Plane tickets in economy cost starting $3,000 USD depending on schedule and routing. A quick search on Star Alliance website showed an estimate of $63,733 CAD (~$48,000 USD) for 2 adults and 2 kids flying business class with the following route (note, no research what so ever): Vancouver -> Tokyo -> Sydney -> Bangkok -> Delhi -> Cairo -> Athens -> Copenhagen -> Sao Paulo -> Bogota -> New York -> Denver -> San Francisco -> Vancouver. It’s a big dollar amount at almost $16,000 CAD per person but seems reasonable considering Vancouver to Copenhagen returned in business class would cost almost $13,000 CAD per person.
  • How cool would it be to fly into Russia, take the trans-Siberian train and end up in Beijing? Of course, don’t travel during winter. Brrrr!
  • We definitely need to do more research on how to do RTW using points so we can do this for free or almost free.

The RTW idea is definitely appealing to us and it fits into our travel & explore the world plan. Best of all, this also means I can meet up with some awesome personal finance bloggers (and readers) around the world…Hmm I wonder if they’ll let us crash at their places. One can dream right? πŸ™‚



Written by Tawcan
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