Stop monetizing everything you do!

Within the financial independence retire early (FIRE) community, side hustles are often considered as the holy grail. If you want to reach FIRE, in addition to your full-time job, you absolutely must have at least …

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FIRE Canada Interview #12 – Being a valuist

financial independence retire early Canada interview series

The financial independence retire early movement is getting a lot of attention lately. While it’s nice to see the movement gaining traction, I feel most of the major media coverage has been very early retirement …

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FIRE Canada Interview # 9 – Relocating to Spain

A while ago, I started a financial independence retire early interview series where I interviewed Canadians who are either financially independent, retired early, or close to these key financial milestones. The reason for the series …

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Take care of your future one step at a time

financial independece retire early one step at a time

It’s hard to believe that it is September already, meaning that three quarters of 2019 is almost gone. Over the next couple of days, Baby T1.0 will start Grade 1 and Baby T2.0 will start …

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