Ask the readers – What are your frugal pet peeves

As someone that is naturally frugal there are some un-frugal things that people do that drive me bananas. I get it, it’s your life and your money but frugality goes hand in hand with helping with the environment. Here are 6 of my frugal pet peeves.

Frugal Pet Peeve #1: Leaving lights on when not in the room

Mrs. T always picks on me for turning lights off in our house. If we are not in a room, I turn the lights off. It’s simple as that. I sometimes even wash dishes in the kitchen without any lights on because there’s still some daylight outside. Mrs. T often complains about not being able to see around the house because it’s too dark. In my opinion, if you are not in the room, turn the lights off to save electricity and money. What’s the point for leaving the lights on when you’re not around? So your neighbours can see all the things in your house?

Frugal Pet Peeve #2: Buying unnecessary crap

People that buy unnecessary crap for the sake of buying is a behaviour that doesn’t make any sense to me. Given that Christmas is coming up, I have been seeing more and more stores selling ugly sweaters. Seriously, people actually spend money on UGLY sweaters that they wear once or twice each year for some ugly sweater parties? What’s the logic behind that?

Frugal Pet Peeve #3: Buy things in bulk then throw them away

If you frequent Costco, you probably have seen people loading items in bulk. Buying non perishable items like toilet paper, pasta, rice, or canned food makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is buying things like apples, lettuce, mushrooms, milk, and eggs in bulk and end up having to throw them away because they go bad. The per item cost may be cheaper when buying bulk initially but certainly not when you have to throw away half of them.

Frugal Pet Peeve #4: Buy bottled water when eating out

I don’t understand people that order expensive bottled water over tap water when eating out. Unless you live in an area with bad water quality, tap water is just as good as bottled water (sometimes better!). Give your wallet a break by ordering tap water!

Frugal Pet Peeve #5: Accelerate like crazy then slam on the brakes when driving

I have seen this more and more lately when I am driving. Some drivers would accelerate very quickly, go over the speed limit, cut in and out of the traffic to get ahead, tailgate the driver in front of them, only to slam on the brakes a few minutes later because traffic isn’t going anywhere. I always get a chuckle when my car and their car end up in the same spot at the intersection.

Frugal Pet Peeve #6: Overusing AC or heat

Have you encounter someone that overuses AC in the summer such that the room is so cold he or she ends up having to wear sweaters? Or someone that overuses heat in the winter such that the room is so hot he or she ends up wearing t-shirts and shorts (or even go topless)? Talk about a complete waste of money and energy! Why do people waste energy like that? It just makes no sense to me at all. Turn off AC or heat before it gets too cold or too hot, and save yourself a buck or two.

I don’t know about you but it definitely drives me slightly insane to see someone doing any of these 6 frugal pet peeves listed above. I really think people can be more responsible with their money and be more environmentally conscious if they avoid these 6 simple actions.

Dear readers, do you have any frugal pet peeves that you want to share?

Written by Tawcan
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