6 thoughts on “My dividend investing approach”

  1. Hi,

    If my TFSA is not maxed yet, should I max it out with REITS and income trusts first? Then buy Canadian dividend stocks in a non-registered account?


    Hold REITS, income trusts, Canadian divident stocks all in the TFSA until it is maxed out.


    • Typically REITs and income trusts don’t appreciate in price all that much. You’re really buying them for the distributions. If my TFSA is not maxed yet, I would hold a mix of REITs, income trusts, and Canadian dividend stocks in my TFSA.

  2. Hello! Old post but hopefully you get a chance to read this comment. Can you expand on what you mean by investing in “favourable dividend tax credit” in marginal accounts? Where can we find the list of companies? Or what indicator is it on the financials sheet? Thanks again


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