Boom Shakalaka

I was just doing the usual mid-month dividend update on my dividend excel sheet and found that we have officially reached our $8,000 annual dividend goal for 2014! BOOM SHAKALAKA!


As of today we have received $8,033.51 in dividend income! To put this in perspective, it means that we received $22.89 each day starting from January 1st. That’s for doing absolutely nothing!!! $22.89 is a pretty significant amount if you were working in a low wage job. We’re scheduled to receive more dividends later in December so the total annual dividend amount will be higher and the dollar per day amount may get higher too! I will do a December update in January once all the dividends are recorded.


For now I’ll do my happy dance. 😀


happy dance brad pitt


happy dance

happy dance

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48 thoughts on “Boom Shakalaka”

  1. Awesome job!

    Do you have a goal in mind for the long run? I mean some people build their portfolio for a specific cashflow goal, but to some dividends are just a nice bonus and they focus mainly on equity appreciation.

    • Hi Financial Underdog,

      The goal is to have enough dividend income to cover our expenses. When that happens we can say that we’re financially independent. 🙂


  2. Time for a happy dance, indeed. Thats an amazing goal and congrats on working hard in reaching that. Its time to celebrate that achievement and just in time for the holidays 🙂


  3. Awesome return Tawcan!!

    I am 2 years away from retirement and hope to have $3000 per month of dividends. Sounds like alot, but I have been saving for years, and am downsizing my house to free up cash for more dividend investing. Cannot depend on the government for handouts.

    • Hi NRG,

      Thank you for your kind words. $3000 per month of dividends would be totally awesome. Looks like you’ve set up yourself very nice to prepare for your retirement. Good job. Agree with you on not counting on the government for help.

  4. Tawcan,

    A big congrats! That’s awesome. $8,000 is a serious chunk of change for the year. Very, very nice. 🙂

    If you factor out weekends and holidays (like a five-day workweek), it’d be even higher. That’s like a pretty decent part-time job. Except you didn’t have to lift a finger.

    Keep it up!

    Best regards.

    • Hi Dividend Mantra,

      Yes if I calculation based on actual work days the amount would be even higher! Very happy and grateful for the dividend income.

    • Hi W2R,

      Thanks, the annual dividend is starting to be significant. Very good point about the dividend amount being more than some people’s monthly income.

  5. Tawcan,

    Nothing really to say…. except…..

    AWESOME!!! HOLY CRAP that is a ton of dividend income aka over $667/month you are edging towards. Awesome and insane at the same time – these articles are what pumps and motivates us to reach greater heights. Nice job TAWCAN!


  6. Tawcan, congratulations on achieving $8000 in annual dividend income, impressive to say the least! I’ll be checking in to see what your total dividend income is for 2014.

    Best of luck.

  7. hahaha! Congrats Tawcan, same here, I achieved my 2014 goal of >$2,200 for the whole year. Its not as grand as yours but I will dance to it! 🙂 Lets finish the year strong.

    • Hi FFF,

      Thanks for the kind words. $2,200 is a great goal to achieve. We all have to start somewhere right? Let’s finish the year strong indeed.



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