Weekend Reading

I’m a little sad that the weekend is coming up, this means my two-week parental leave come to an end soon and it’s back to work for me next Monday. Having a job in the high tech field means I often don’t spend nearly enough play time with my 9 months old son during the week. The last 2 weeks, however, we definitely had some excellent father-son bonding moments. I really enjoy that. Although I haven’t been making any active income the last 2 weeks, my dividend portfolio is working hard for me. This is why I like dividend investing so much.

The current two week parental leave is a lot more relaxing than the initial 2 week parental leave that I took when my son was first born. In a way, the latest parental leave has given me a good taste of what retirement life would be like… I absolutely love it!

For now, I’ll leave you with some great contents that my fellow bloggers have written this past week.


FrugalTrader at Millon Dollar Journey talked about building your “Forever Money” Portfolio. The idea of preserving my capital and only spending on the interests sounds like a great plan to me. It’s even better if the interests continue to grow and keep up with inflation.


Melanie, a staff blogger, at Retire by 40 wrote about Careers and Redefining Success. So many of us believe that our jobs define who we are, but that shouldn’t be the case. You should be the one that defines who you are and your job should be a smaller part of your life.


Jason at Dividend Mantra made an analogy that building his dividend portfolio is like Building a Snowball and rolling it downhill. Building a snowball big enough so it can roll down the hill by itself might be time consuming and challenging at first, but the result is very rewarding. This is like adding enough capital in the dividend portfolio so you can put it on autopilot eventually.


Dave at Canadian Dream: Free at 45 talked about how he’s alway Combating Constant Second Guessing when it comes to major purchases.  I’d say this describes me perfectly. I suspect this is a trait for anyone that practices frugal living and watches out for their expenses.


Joe at Retire by 40 wrote a review on his life 2 years after early retirement. Sounds like he is enjoying his early retirement. Joe’s family managed to increase their net worth by 40% since his retirement which is quite an accomplishment. Best of all, Joe is a lot happier and healthier now that he is retired. Awesome!


Asset-Grinder had a long update on New Buys , Sells , Brewery and Real Estate. Looks like he has put in a good amount of capital into dividend paying stocks. I really like his idea of using ETF index fund to increase his exposure to international stocks. This is definitely something I need to look into for our dividend portfolio.


Marie at Boom and Echo asked her readers Do You Support A Guaranteed Minimum Income For Canadians? I do think having a guaranteed minimum income for every Canadian is a great idea but the problem is how to implement it so the Canadian government is not in constant deficit. Furthermore, how do you make sure that people don’t abuse the system? There are some very good comments from fellow readers, so take a look.


Have a good weekend everyone!

Written by Tawcan
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