Weekend Reading – Where’s blue sky edition

The last few days we haven’t seen blue sky in the Lower Mainland/Metro Vancouver. Instead, we get hazy, smoky sky across the Lower Mainland thanks to all the wildfires. The sun is bright orange under the hazy smoky sky, which gives a small taste of what post apocalyptic world might look like.

To how much smoke we are getting, this NASA satellite image below gives a dramatic view of the thick smoke blanketing the Lower Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island. Yucks!

Photo from NASA

Currently, about 138 wildfires are burning in BC with more popping up every other day due to the hot & dry summer weather. Hopefully we will get some weather relief soon so the brave firefighters can control all the different wildfires in BC.

Anyway, here are some great articles I have come across that I really enjoyed reading.

Carl guest blogged at Budgets Are Sexy on Lifestyle of The Rich and Frugal. I look forward to meeting Physician on Fire, Carl, and J. $ at FinCon in October.

Marie wrote about When a spender partners with a saver. I am fortunate that Mrs. T is a saver too but Marie raised a lot of points.

Jay at FI Fighter wrote His most important post ever. I gotta learn more from this smart dude!

Sam at Financial Samurai explained Why it’s more important to grow income than net worth for financial freedom.

Mr. Tako explained The best reason for financial independence. Can’t agree more!

Physician on Fire asked Can a bear take away your financial independence? Hopefully we don’t have to worry too much about this since one of the benefits for dividend growth investing is using dividend income to supplement expanses rather than drawing from our portfolio.

Ramit stated 4 best way to invest in your 20’s. Boy I wish I knew these when I was in my 20’s.

Why We Give? Budda Money provided some great reasons. We are big in giving to people in need as well.

Thomas provided some ideas on How to make your company to give you more money. Time to deploy some of these idea myself.

Des wrote a very passionate post on Why Millennials don’t need whole or cash-value life insurance.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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    Mr. Tako
    August 4, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    Thanks for the mention Tawcan!

    *Cough* *Cough* We’re stuck under this blanket of forest fire smoke too. Can’t wait for it to clear-up and we can get some clean air again!

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