Weekend Reading – the last days of parental leave edition


Wow I can’t believe it’s Friday already and that May is just around the corner. This only meant that my 2 week parental leave is almost over. When Baby T2.0 was born, I originally planned to take 3 weeks of parental leave. Due to work commitments and other factors, I had to break the leave into two. It has been a blast spending time at home with the kids and Mrs. T  and the 2 weeks has given me a small taste what Financial Independence would look like. I plan to write more about this valuable experience later. I’m certainly going to enjoy the last few days of my parental leave.

The 2 week leave certainly would explained why I haven’t been posting as much on this blog but I still managed to purchase some high quality dividend stocks during this time. I also provided some details on when we had our financial epiphany. Although it has been tough finding time to write blog posts, I have written down a few topic ideas that I hope to elaborate later. I’m very excited about these topics and I’m looking forward to write more about them.

Here are some articles that I really enjoyed reading the last couple of weeks:

Berry wrote about 5 Financial Mistakes He’d Like to do Over.

Mark had a great summary on Saving and investing resources for newbies.

Mr. Zombie explained Why Should you Bother Saving.

Bobby asked Would You Take a $7,600 Pay Cut for Work-Life Balance?

Distilled Dollar explained Four Phases of Financial Independence.

Kali wrote about Lessons Learned from a Year of Travel.

Marie explained The Ins and Outs of Income Trusts.

Early Retirement Guy wrote about Working out the value of your time.

Sam at Financial Samurai thinks that Early Retirement Is Exactly Like Being An Entrepreneur

Mr. FireStation explained The 5 Phases of Retirement.

Maggie wrote about The 4 Year Potential.

Joe explained that yes, You can retire with a median income.

Roadmap2Retire welcomed a baby girl to their family. Congrats to the first time parents!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Written by Tawcan
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