Weekend Reading – Asia travel edition


Happy Thanksgiving weekend to our US readers. Unlike our US counterparts, we Canadians are slightly backwards as we have already celebrated our Thanksgiving a month ago. Let’s all remember to be grateful of what we have in life and practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude will allow us to be happy and appreciate our lives.

I won’t get this weekend off though, as I’m heading out to Asia tomorrow afternoon for a 5 day work trip. This should be my last work travel trip for the year. I’m looking forward to a very nice and relaxing December and celebrate Christmas with my family and Mrs T’s family.

Can you believe that My parents called me boring? What would you do with $10,000,000? You might be surprised to find out what I will do with that much money. I am working on quite a number of posts, Maybe I’ll spend some time to work on them on my 13 hour plane ride tomorrow. 🙂

Here are some great posts that I enjoyed reading lately:

Steve wrote about The epics lunch he had with his friend that stopped saving for retirement. It’s insane that some people do not save and plan for their future.

Mike wrote about SPY vs Dividend Growth Portfolio. He raised some great points about owning ETF’s vs individual dividend growth stocks.

Taylor stated that Financial diets will destroy your soul and your wallet. Excellent points Taylor. I wrote a similar post on this topic where I stated that  Frugality is not a fad.

Our Next Life answered The ten questions to answer before you retire early. Definitely something to think about.

Thias wrote that No one cared more about your finance than you. Don’t rely your finance on someone else!

Bryan asks who/why you work for. Boy did I enjoyed reading his post and figure out my answer.

Steve is going all academic on us and discussed The problem with atheist vegans: or the problem with ideology

Mr. 1500 wrote the BEST holiday shopping guide ever!

I have the honour to get interviewed by Lanny and Bert at Dividend Diplomats. Want to know a few more things about me? Check out the interview.

J. Money wrote Working For Money vs. Money Working For You. Amen brother! This is why I love passive income so much. 🙂

Dividend Growth Investor asks Are you patient enough to become a successful dividend investor?

Marie at Boomer & Echo discussed Financial Management By The Decade – The 30’s.

Mark thinks it’s OK to use credit cards as long as you’re responsible. I totally agree with him.

Finally, in case you want some Black Friday funnies, check out these hilarious Black Friday flyers.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Written by Tawcan
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