Weekend Reading

Wow another week just flew by once again. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! I have been busy this week so didn’t write as much as I’d like to. I managed to provide an update on July Dividend.

In case you want to do more reading, here are some posts that I really enjoyed reading the past week.

Do you have a spender spouse that’s sabotaging your frugal lifestyle? Maybe you need to try and convert your spouse from a spender to a saver by Christmas! I really enjoyed reading this article at Cash Cow Couple. Luck for me, Mrs. T was already a saver when I met her so no need for me to convert her.

Young at Young and Thrifty states that she always has a tough time spending money. I think this is a common trait for someone who’s frugal. It only took me 5 years to finally upgrade the trusty MacBook Pro. The only reason? The slow laptop meant it would take me a long time to finish my side job. I’m so glad that we purchased an iMac to replace the MBP.

If you haven’t done so you can take simple 5 steps to bullet proof yourself financially. I think the most important step is to stay debt free, or to live below your means.

Dividend Guy answers whether you need a million dollar to retire. I think the answer really depends on the individual situation. If you’re a frugal person that keeps your expenses down, you probably don’t. If you want to have a luxury life style then maybe 1 million dollar isn’t enough for you.

Jason at Dividend Mantra wrote a long post about Grand Rapids and how it could be a potential new home for him. Having been to Grand Rapids many moons ago, I thought it was a nice city. Jason pointed out that Grand Rapids has a high crime rate which is a bit of a concern. It will be interesting to see where Jason ends up living.

Rob at Boomer and Echo turned 35 and wrote 35 thoughts and life lessons. I particularly liked #9 on the list. I love traveling and have been to many countries. I actually lived in Germany for 8 months in my early twenties and traveled all over Europe. Looking back, I am really glad to have such experience.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Written by Tawcan
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