Weekend Reading

Now the Rio Olympic games are over, I’m having a slight Olympic withdrawal. It was really cool seeing these top athletes competing at the highest level. Mrs. T and I were watching the CBC online streams almost every night (we don’t have TV or cable at home). We managed to catch a few bike pursuits (team and individual). I have always enjoyed watching the individual bike pursuit. There’s so much strategies involved and It’s funny that they start so slowly at the beginning of each race and end up biking ridiculously fast at the end.

Work has been busy lately with a number of early (6:30AM!) calls and a few late meetings. The cool thing is that I’m having a lot of fun at work. Sometimes it almost doesn’t feel like it’s work.

On family front, Baby T1.0 went to his first summer camp the other day and did really great (we used a coupon so the camp was free, booya!). Although he’s a few months shy of his 3rd birthday, it’s amazing to see how many things he can do independently. We recently started baby led weaning for Baby T2.0. She hasn’t quite gotten the idea of eating yet but Baby T1.0 was laughing historically at his sister throughout the entire eating session. Having two little kids is a lot of work but there are also lots of heart warming moments. Most heart warming moment in recent memory? After my 2 week vacation, Baby T1.0 started giving me hugs every weekend and thanking me for taking vacation to spend time with him. In his mind, he probably thinks that me spending all day at home on weekends means I’m on vacation. It melts my heart every time he does that. 🙂

On blogging front, I have a few things lined up in terms of blog optimization. I just need to find some spare time to do them. I just realized that I have been blogging on tawcan.com for 2 years. Time flies! A few weeks ago, I decided to attend Canadian Personal Finance Conference in November. I’m really looking forward meeting many of my fellow Canadian PF bloggers. I didn’t plan to go to FinCon in San Diego this year because I had a planned work trip to Europe the week before. Being away from home for 2 weeks straight creates a lot of challenges for Mrs. T, given we have two little kids at home. Although the work trip has been cancelled, I am still holding off on attending FinCon. I don’t have enough vacation time for this year and going to FinCon would cost over $750 US. Oh well, there’s always next year. 🙂

Anyway before I blabber on further, here are some great articles came across in recent days:

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Written by Tawcan
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