The Versatile Blogger Award

I got nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for the nomination! For this award nomination I’m suppose to share 7 new interesting things that I haven’t share with my readers before. I meant to publish this post earlier but life has been a little hectic the last couple weeks…


Anyways, without further ado here are 7 facts about me:

Fact #1
You may have seen some of my travel pictures in my Italy travel pos but you probably didn’t know that I am a part time photographer. I did mention briefly in the getting married for cheap post that I’m a wedding photographer. Although I enjoy shooting landscape pictures, my specialization lies within portraiture and wedding photography. Here are some of the portraits from my portfolio.

Not only can I talk for hours about personal finance and investing, I can also talk for hours about camera gear and photography. Just don’t tempt me. 😉

portrait 9

portrait 8

portrait 10

portrait 7

portrait 6

portrait 5

portrait 3

portrait 2

portrait 1

Fact #2
I’m left handed. I do everything left handed except for using scissors. This is because there was no such thing as left handed scissors when I was a kid. Due to my inability to use right-handed scissors I was one the lucky kids that had to repeat kindergarten. Yes it’s true, I got an F in arts and craft! Ouch!


Fact #3
I am a big Tool fan. I absolutely LOVE their music and their live performance is absolutely amazing. The singer, Maynard James Keenan likes to hide in the shadows during live performance so it’s really weird to see only the drummer, bassist, and guitarist on the stage. I have been to 3 of their concerts so far and hopefully more in the near future. Here’s one of my favourite songs from tool – Lateralus.


Fact #4

I how to type properly using all 10 fingers and depending on the keyboard I’m using I can type anywhere between 85 to 100 words per minutes. I’m not sure how I learned how to type properly, probably from some of the typing classes I had to take during elementary school, or maybe from using ICQ and MSN Messenger during my teenage years. It drives me nuts when someone claims that they know how to type when in actuality they only type with two fingers.
Fact #5
My favourite subject in school was math. I suppose this doesn’t surprise anyone considering that I’m very interested in personal finance and investing.


Fact #6
I can’t grow any facial hair. I do have some facial hair but not enough to grow a manly mustache or beard. I’ve attempted Movember a few times just for fun and I always get the “Nice Try” award from my friends. This is probably one of the reasons why I still occasionally get ID’ed in liquor stores and bars, even though I’m in my 30’s.


Fact #7
I have eaten all of the food items shown in this video except for Balut. I don’t think I’ll ever try Balu as the thought of eating unhatched chicken just doesn’t sound very appealing to me. Out of all the items I’ve tried, I cannot stand durian. Some people say durian tastes like butter or cheese but I have to strongly disagree. The live octopus is actually pretty tasty and I would have it again any day.

I would like to nominate Steve at Kapitalust and Lanny and Bert at Dividend Diplomats.

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18 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Ha – I had completely forgotten about ICQ. Pretty amazing since I spent a considerable amount of time on it in high school. Unfortunately it did nothing for my typing skills – I’m a typo queen.

    Great pictures!

  2. Awesome pics! And I feel you on the beard deal. My cheek hair comes in very light blonde, while everything else is dark. Looks very weird at times. And my mustache is pitiful, so I just shave that off. So you’re not alone, brother!

  3. Wow awesome photos! I don’t know anything about photography but I bought a Sony Alpha DSLR camera before my son was born, figuring it would take better photos than my iPhone. That and the SLR cameras seem bulky and expensive for an amateur who knows nothing. I still haven’t really figure how to really use the Sony…and just use the iPhone…

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks. DSLR does get bulky but they certainly take way better pictures than your cellphone camera. My suggestion is spend some time learning how to use DSLR. Best way is to take a basic photography course.


  4. Click bait!!! Haha love the photos – you are a very talented photographer!

    I’ll get on listing some interesting facts about myself!

  5. Now those are some of the best photos I have seen lately. What a great picture in the opening of the post. What kind of camera do you use. I currently have a Canon 3ti. It works well for me at this stage. Nice job. I only wish I was allowed to take the camera to the concerts I go to, but thwt is how it goes. Good luck.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your kind words. I use a Canon 5DII. After taking pictures for a while I realized that it’s not the camera that matters. Invest in good quality lenses, good lighting gear, and good photography knowledge will improve your photography skills.


  6. Outstanding pictures Tawcan! I don’t know if you’ve touched them up, but you make your subject’s eyes pop just right! Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Bryan,

      Thanks! I only did some minor touch ups, not anywhere close to what you see in magazines. I believe the natural look is the way to go.

  7. Tawcan,

    Great photos!

    I also enjoy some of Tool’s stuff. I was really into that music back in high school, including Korn. I’m also partial to grunge music of the early 90s, with Nirvana being one of my favorite bands.

    I was nominated by Kipp @ FFF, so I’ll see if I can come up with something.

    Best regards.

    • Hi Dividend Mantra,

      For some reason I never got into Korn. I kinda feel old talking about music from the 90’s hehe.

      Looking forward to seeing your post on the award nomination.

  8. Thanks for sharing.
    I dont think I would try balut either – it just sounds nasty. However, I have to disagree about durian 🙂 Ive had quite a bit of it and actually quite like it – takes a while to get past the smell for first timers.



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