With Baby T2.0 due in a month or so, Mrs. T and I have been getting ready for the new family members arrival. It’s hard to imagine what our lives will be like with two little one. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to hold a newborn. We are all very much looking forward to our new baby. 🙂

With two little ones in the family soon, one of the key items that we had to make a decision about was our stroller. Before Baby T1.0 was born, we tested out many different strollers and decided on the UPPAbaby Vista because it came with both the bassinet and the toddler seat. We ended up purchasing a used Vista 2010 model through Craigslist. The 2010 model is a single child stroller as it does not support using the bassinet with the toddler seat, however you can use two regular seats at the same time without any seat tilting. The UPPAbaby team must have realized this short coming, so they updated the design in 2015. The new UPPAbaby Vista 2015 model now supports multiple seat configurations including the combination of bassinet with the regular seat, which is what we have been looking for (It’s best for new born to lie flat rather than sitting in a seat).

Since we only have one car and I use it for my daily work commute, it is important to have a stroller that can fit a toddler and a new born so Mrs. T can go out and get things done, like grocery shopping and other errands such as mom group meetings etc. It is also important that the stroller is expandable for the future, such as having two energetic toddlers lying down to sleep in it (i.e. tilting both seats). We really liked the new Vista and thought that we might be able to find a used 2015 model on Craigslist. Unfortunately that was not the case. After evaluating many different strollers again in multiple baby stores, we decided that the Vista 2015 model is the right choice for us. None of the other brands could live up to our expectations.

We bit the bullet and purchased a brand new 2015 UPPAbaby Vista the other day. Total cost was $1174.99 + taxes. Before purchasing the stroller in the store, we read the recommended reviews of top double strollers, we shopped around online and found that the price is identical in all the different stores. Since a Crocodile Baby store is close to our house, we checked out their online store to see if we can get some online discounts. We were able to find a $15 online coupon and were surprised to see that the online store only applied 5% GST (federal tax) and no 7% PST (provincial tax). But a $30 shipping is charged for online order. I thought it was silly to pay for shipping so we went to the physical store to place the order. When we were about to pay in the store, the sales lady told me that it would be $1174.99 + GST and PST. I halted her on the transaction and told her that the online store only charged GST. Confused by my statement, she told me that stroller sales always include GST and PST. So I showed her on the store website to make my point. She eventually called the store manager to get more details. After about 5 minutes on the phone, she told me it was a system glitch as PST would be applied at the end when we enter our shipping address. To please me, she agreed to give us a 5% discount. So the cost of the stroller went from $1,315.99 to $1,250.19, a small saving of $65.80.

Since we always make sure that we pay our credit card amount in full each month, we had to make sure that we had the money to pay for the stroller. This is where Craigslist came in.

Thanks to work travels, I received a few passes for Air Canada airport lounge access. Through Craigslist, I was able to sell them for $150. I’m a part time photographer and have a some camera gear laying around in the house. Since I do mostly portraiture and weddings nowadays, one of the lenses, Canon 17-40L F4.0 ultra wide angel zoom lens has been sitting on the shelf the last few years. So I posted it on Craigslist and sold it for $600 this past weekend. I was pleased to see that the Canon L lenses hold up their values quite well, considering I paid $680 for the lens 7 or so years ago. We are also in the process of selling the older model Vista for $450. With savings that we’re putting aside for Baby T2.0, we will have more than enough money to cover the brand new stroller. 🙂

Initially when we considered buying a brand new stroller for over $1,000, I felt nauseous and disgusted. Why do we want to spend so much money on a piece of baby equipment that we will only use for a few years? There must be an alternative and cheaper solution. Can’t we just keep using the existing stroller and find something else for Baby T2.0?

Lesson learned here?

Stop saying the phrase “We can’t afford it.” Stop focusing on the limitations. Instead focus on “How can we afford it?” and “How can we get this to work?”

When you start thinking creatively, things will happen. Life is about the different possibilities, not the limitations. If we only focus on limitations, we’ll only see limitations. Focus on the different possibilities and our lives will be a lot more interesting.

I promise we’ll get back to investing related posts soon. 🙂

Written by Tawcan
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