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Since getting back from my 2 week Asian work trip middle of last week, life has been busy. Between work, running after two toddlers (Baby T2.0 started walking while I was away!!!), maintaining a good marriage & relationship with Mrs. T, and a long to-do list, blogging has fallen off the priority list. It certainly didn’t help when I ended up shooting an 8 hour wedding this past Saturday and now I have about 15+ hours of photo editing that I need to do. Perhaps this is why I’m encountering a bit of writer’s block. And yes it’s time to write a monthly dividend report but I haven’t even had the time to tally our February dividend income yet.

Such is life!

For now I’ll leave you with some past articles and some semi-cool looking portraits taken by yours truly that you might find interesting.

We will resume regular posting very shortly I promise. šŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Some reading materials”

  1. You’re doing it right man! Keep up with your priorities and everything will fall into place! I know the feeling of having a todo list creating writer’s block as well! Just work hard to cross them off and you’ll be back refreshed and rarin’ to go before you know it!


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