FIRE Canada Interview #12 – Being a valuist

financial independence retire early Canada interview series

The financial independence retire early movement is getting a lot of attention lately. While it’s nice to see the movement gaining traction, I feel most of the major media coverage has been very early retirement …

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FI…13 years and 4 Months in the making

financial independence in the making

“Hmm what the heck did I get myself into?” I thought to myself while walking toward GM Place in downtown Vancouver.    Being uncomfortable in a new surrounding It was Nov 7, 2001. All around …

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Use your imagination

The other day I was playing Lego with Baby T1.0. He found some wheels from his Lego box, where we keep all the Lego pieces, and went on to build an “airplane car” with random …

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More Random Thoughts

I was in Taipei for the last few days. In many ways, it was really nice to be back to Motherland. My family and I immigrated from Taiwan to Canada more than 20 years ago …

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Happy belated 1 year blog anniversary

Wow I can’t believe I’ve been blogging on for over a year year now. My goal has always been to share my ideas on personal finance, frugality, investing, financial independence, and living a meaningful …

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