PC Insiders Review – Is it worth it? Updated 2022

PC Insiders review

When I first published the Canadian grocery store comparisons, some readers pointed out the benefits of the PC Insiders subscription program. Since we have been doing more and more shopping at Superstore, the idea of …

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2021 Goals & Resolutions Wrap Up

2021 goals and resolutions wrap up

Since 2019 I have been setting up goals and resolutions for myself at the beginning of the year. I would then provide an update every quarter to see how I was doing with my goals. …

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Relax, it’s OK to slow down

relax it's OK to slow down

The personal finance community, especially the FIRE community, has a tendency to promote side hustles. The idea is simple – increase your earning power so you can save and invest more money. This in term …

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Don’t be ordinary be extraordinary

Don't be ordinary be extraordinary

I believe we should live our lives with the motto “Don’t be ordinary be extraordinary”. Ask yourself this question: do you want to be successful and extraordinary? I think 99.9% of the population will answer …

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