What if you run out of life? Save-Spend balance

What if you run out of life Save-Spend balance

Let’s be honest here, inflation is real. Very real! Despite being as frugal and careful with our expenses as possible, we are seeing an increase in our living expenses; arguably, just like everyone else.  Unfortunately, …

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2022 Goals and Resolutions – Q3 Update

2022 Goals and Resolutions - Q3 Update

For those of you that are new to this blog, I have been setting annual goals and resolutions and publishing them since 2019. I then publish updates every quarter. These quarterly updates have kept me …

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40 lessons I’ve learned after 40 years

40 lessons I've learned after 40 years

I’m turning 40 later this year. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a decade since I turned 30. My 30s were a great decade – seeing my two kids born in front of my …

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10 Lessons to give to my 23-year-old self

Later this year I’ll turn 40. I have never considered being 40 as old or the start of a midlife crisis. For me, 40 is just another number, the important thing is that I still …

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