PC Insiders Review – Is the membership fee worth it?

A few readers pointed out the PC Insiders program when I published Does Costco cost more? Costco vs. Superstore vs. Walmart showdown a few months ago. These readers pointed out that with PC Insiders, one can earn 20% more for every $1 spend on organic products, Joe Fresh, baby diapers and formula, and other products, all for $9.99 a month or $99 annually, plus tax. Since we have been doing more and more shopping at Superstore, I was very interested in the PC Insiders program. The idea of earning more PC Optimum points was quite enticing, but I was hesitant to pay money just so we can get more points. After a bit of back and forth, we signed up for PC Insiders when we received an annual fee waived offer from our PC Financial World Elite Mastercard. After being a PC Insider subscriber for two months, below is my honest and unbiased review of the PC Insiders program and whether the $9.99 a month or $99 annual membership fee is worth it.

PC Insiders Benefits

The PC Insiders program offers many benefits:

  • $99 PC Travel credit (with the annual subscription only)
  • Earn 200 PC Optimum Points per $1 spent on PC Organics products, Joe Fresh purchases, PC Black Label Collection purchases, all brands of baby diapers and formula, and all luxury beautyBOUTIQUE products on shoppersdrugmart.ca
  • Free shipping at Joe Fresh and Shoppers Drug Mart
  • No pickup fees at PC Express
  • Exclusive offers on PC Insiders Collection
  • One surprise gift annually

If you sign up by paying the $99 annual membership (plus tax), you would get a $99 PC Travel credit. So you’re almost breaking even. In case you are looking to sign up for PC Insiders, please use my referral code BL1611 to get 25% off the annual subscription when you sign up.

The $99 PC Travel credit can be used for flights, hotels, car rentals, even cruises and vacation packages. You can easily redeem the $99 Travel Credit by booking a trip with PC Travel. For example, if Mrs. T and I decide to do another staycation in Vancouver, we’d book a hotel with PC Travel and redeem the $99 Travel Credit.

For me, the most intriguing part of PC Insiders is the increased earn rate of PC Optimum Points. We have been more mindful on our food consumption in the last few years. So when we shop at Superstore, we have been purchasing more and more PC Organics products and occasionally, PC Black Label products. With PC Insiders, we are getting 20% in points whenever we purchase these products. When we combine the weekly PC Optimum offers, the weekly flyer offers, the 3% back on the PC World Elite Mastercard, on top of the 20% extra points from being a PC Insider, points do add up very quickly.

Just how quick can the points add up? After being a PC Insider for over two months, we have accumulated an extra 55,800 PC Optimum Points just from purchasing PC Organics products and Black Label products. That’s an equivalent of $55.80 that we could use in the near future to reduce our bills at the checkout. If we continue our spending pattern, I would estimate that we would have earned an extra 300,000 points or $300 in the 12 months period. That alone would make the $99 annual fee worth it.

No pickup fees at PC Express

Since Superstore is about a 10-minute drive away from our house, I have been the one doing grocery shopping, usually after work or on the weekends. For a while now, Mrs. T and I have been looking at Superstore’s online grocery shopping (PC Express) as a way to save time, but we didn’t want to pay for the $3 to $5 pickup fee every time.

With PC Insiders, there are no pickup fees at PC Express. We now order groceries online and then pick them up in-store. When I arrive at Superstore, I would pull into a designated PC Express parking stall, call the PC Express number, and have my groceries delivered right to my car. If I wanted, I could even stay in the car and wait for the staff to load the groceries in the car trunk.

I had my doubts about online grocery shopping before, but I am now a true believer in online grocery shopping. Using PC Express has saved me a lot of time because I no longer need to spend time walking around the store and pick up things that we need. The online ordering part has been quite straightforward too since frequently purchased items are displayed at the top of the website (we usually buy the same thing each week).

In two months, we have saved $34 in PC Express pickup fees and approximately seven hours. If I extrapolate that data, I would estimate that we’d save around $200 in PC Express pickup fees over a year and about 40 hours.

The game of maximizing PC Optimum Points

As I have calculated above, every 10,000 PC Optimum Points is worth $10. You can redeem the points in $10 increments at checkout. PC Optimum Points are earned through targeted weekly offers and in-store weekly promotions.

To earn more points, you can apply for one of the no annual fee PC Mastercards. We have the PC Financial World Elite Mastercard which gives us 30 points for every $1 spent at participating stores or 45 points per $1 spent at Shoppers Drug Mart. In other words, the PC Financial World Elite Mastercard gives us either a 3% or 4.5% return in stores like Superstore, No Frills, Loblaws, valu-mart, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

You can also double up on the offers too, as you can see from my tweet below. Points do add up pretty quickly.

Since I’m a math nerd, it’s becoming a fun game for me to figure out how to maximize PC Optimum Points each week.

PC Insiders is totally worth it

Is PC Insiders worth it? Absolutely! Our experience with PC Insiders, after 2 months, has been extremely positive. I used to think it’s crazy to pay a membership fee for a grocery loyalty program, but I am convinced that PC Insiders is completely worth it, especially when you pay the $99 annual fee. Again, if you are looking to sign up for PC Insiders, please use my referral code BL1611 to get 25% off the annual subscription when you sign up.

Are you a PC Insider? What is your experience so far?

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  • Reply
    Yulian ILiev
    June 27, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    Excellent article, Bob! As usual. I like the PC points and their organic products.

    • Reply
      June 28, 2019 at 8:33 am

      Thank you. PC points are great and the PC organic products are great too.

  • Reply
    Chris Wentworth
    June 28, 2019 at 8:59 am

    You have a code, clearly a biased review.
    We’ve seen no increase in points and buying organic and black label products are more money, of course you earned $55 but it’s prob what you ended up paying indifference.
    And did you really need anything black label
    It’s all overpriced. Travel voucher is a great incentive but no thanks.
    Are reward box was rather disappointing.
    They sent us cake and cookie mixes that required us to purchase more items to make.

    • Reply
      June 28, 2019 at 9:10 am

      First of all, I can careless whether you sign up with my referral code or not. I put the code in there to save readers 25% when they sign up. Yes, I get 10,000 referral points but if I didn’t get any referral points, I’d still provide the code so readers can save money when they sign up.

      And no, this is NOT a biased review in any way. I provided an honest review on how I feel about the PC Insiders program. If by providing a code in the review makes it biased, that’s your opinion. I’m sure majority of the readers do not share the same belief as you.

      Second, as stated in the review, we have been buying PC Organic products already, so signing up PC Insiders means we’d earn additional points (we have only purchased Black label and Joe Fresh products occasionally). If you aren’t buying these products that offer 200 points per every $1 spend, then there’s really no point for you to sign up for the PC Insider program.

    • Reply
      Yulian ILiev
      June 30, 2019 at 9:06 am

      Chris Wentworth,
      I fully agree with Bob. If you regularly read the blog you will found out that he is has a good point. Not that kind of
      person who will try to take advantage for a couple of miserable dollars. He would rather help you.

  • Reply
    Sebastien Poulin
    June 29, 2019 at 5:58 pm

    Excellent article, as always! Thank you for your opinion! I’m a PC Insiders member since december and I think it’s entirely worth it for the time I save not doing the grocery… 😉

    • Reply
      June 29, 2019 at 6:31 pm

      Thank you! The time saving with PC Express has been totally awesome!

  • Reply
    Money Mechanic
    July 1, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    Good Article. We don’t have a Superstore anywhere near us so I’m stuck with Airmiles. I like how you have optimized the points program using the credit card, and taking advantage of the promos. I’m impressed with the PC Express pickup, I didn’t even know that was a thing! Considering how much time I’ve spent standing in line, that’s a huge time value savings. Our points game is to get more points than the dollar total we spend. I don’t advocate for spending just to get points, but I’m all about stocking up on a staple item if there’s a great points offer.

    • Reply
      July 1, 2019 at 8:05 pm

      We were lucky that a Superstore is nearby us. I don’t think it’s worth it to shop at Shoppers as things are more expensive there. The PC Optimum points do add up quickly if you optimize the program with credit card, weekly promos, personal promos, and PC Insiders. The PC Express pickup has been a great experience so far.

  • Reply
    July 1, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    I’m still holding out on a free offer, it irritates me that they only provide the offer to some and not others for the free annual membership lol. I haven’t ever purchased any black label stuff, but I do buy PC Organics toddler snacks etc. often. Smart that they are doing a referral program now, Loblaw’s is getting pretty good with their marketing.

    • Reply
      July 2, 2019 at 9:07 am

      I guess we got lucky. Seems that if you have one of the PC credit cards, you are more likely to get offers. We’ve gotten like 30,000 points just for having the PC credit cards. Can’t complain. 🙂

  • Reply
    July 29, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    Been working with Superstore for almost a decade so I obviously know about PC Insiders. But to be honest, I was also very hesitant to subscribe as I didn’t want to pay extra to get more points, especially that I also have membership with Costco. I feel like I’m spending so much on memberships and the like. So even if I have 2 little ones and I’m always being told I’d get savings on baby stuff with PC Insiders, I didn’t want to consider. Not until today when I get an offer of one month free subscription. But before I went online and enroll, I check out for some reviews and came across your blog. All pros (and cons) are explained well so instead of taking advantage pf the free one month subscription, I went straight to annual. I used your referral code! I thank you so much for that. $24 of savings is absolutely a big thing. Can’t wait to earn points on my diaper purchases. Wink wink.

    • Reply
      July 29, 2019 at 4:50 pm

      Thank you, glad my review has helped you on deciding. 🙂

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