So my parents called me boring… take two

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I work in high tech, so I’m quite familiar with the latest electronic gadgets available in the market today. Quite regularly, I get to play with the latest electronic gadgets that have not been launched. As someone who has always loved technology, my job is pretty sweet this way.

As I tweeted out earlier…

I overheard a conversation that a couple of my co-workers were having this morning. They were talking about hooking up lights at home so they could control these lights remotely. Because wifi was the link between the lights and the controller (i.e. smart phone), latency was the topic of discussion. One of them suggested a few very technical methods to improve the latency so the delay of turning on and off the light wouldn’t be as long. I quietly listened in and found the fancy wifi-cloud-enabled-super-cool-digital-everything-internet-of-things light controllers fascinating.

You’d think my love for technology would translate at home. Surprisingly, Mrs. T and I are fairly low tech at home. How low tech are we? Here are some examples:

  1. We still use mechanical timers to control our lights. Hello old fashion!
  2. We don’t have a TV at home. We’ve been TV free for close to 5 years now. What’s 4K TV and smart TV? Don’t ask me for answers.
  3. Although we have a secured wifi hotspot set up at home, we have not set up a home network to allow sharing files between computers or phones. USB memory stick, email, or Google Drive are how we share files. 🙂
  4. I used a not-so-smart Samsung whisper-ma-phone until around 2012. I only got a smart phone because work decided to give me a phone and pay for my monthly phone bill.
  5. Mrs. T was on a not-so-smart Nokia brick-phone powered by Leprechauns until a few months ago. I redeemed some Aeroplan points to get her a Motorola Moto E smartphone. The only reason for the upgrade? So she could use it to take better photos and videos of Baby T. (She does not have data plan on her phone though, so I suppose the phone can only be considered as a half-smart-phone :p).
  6. The latest recent high tech gadget purchase? A $30 Bluetooth speaker so we can play music off our phones.
  7. We don’t have an iPad or any tablets at home. We have a Kindle e-reader only because Mrs. T had gotten it for free.
  8. We use an alarm clock that’s from the mid 90’s to wake us up in the morning.
  9. We do not use Netflix or any streaming services.
  10. I’ve had my Seiko watch for over 15 years. Thanks to the kinetic auto relay technology, I have not spent a cent on battery replacement. The other day I received a brand new smart watch (~$300 in value) for attending a technology conference earlier this year. I didn’t open the box. I’ll sell it to get some extra money.
  11. We have no experience with wifi-internet-enabled baby camera monitor. In fact, we don’t even own a baby monitor. We lived in a small apartment when Baby T was born and we could hear him from anywhere in the apartment. Although we’re now in a house, we can still easily hear him when he is in his room. So we still don’t own a baby monitor.

Perhaps this is why my parents called Mrs. T and I boring? In fact, I think my parents own way more high tech gadgets than Mrs. T and I.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very neat to have the latest gadgets. We are staying fairly low tech at home so we can focus on other things in life. We don’t need the latest gadgets and have no desire of getting them. Instead of buying the latest and greatest gadgets, we save. We can then use money saved to add dividend paying stocks in our dividend portfolio. Avoiding the latest gadgets has also allowed us to practice frugal living.

The way I look at it? It’s awesome that people are spending tons of money on the latest electronic gadgets and replacing their gadgets regularly. Their must-have-the-latest-electronic-gadgets addiction is allowing the likes of Apple, Wal-Mart, Telus, and Intel to continue paying us dividend income. Gotta love receiving money without having to work! 🙂

Dear readers, are you fairly high tech at home? Or are you like us, living like cavemen?

PS I just realized that I used a lot of hyphens in this post. Oops.

Written by Tawcan
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