Tawcan is a Canadian personal finance and dividend investing blog that chronicles my quest for financial independence and joyful life.

I started this blog to show it is possible to achieve financial independence as a single-income family with two young kids while living in Vancouver Canada, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

My wife and I started building our dividend portfolio in 2011 after a financial epiphany.

Today, the portfolio generates over $4,000 in dividends per month. Our dream is to become financially independent and live off dividends by 2025.


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Heard at the dentist… about being successful

I was at the dentist office this afternoon and overheard the following conversation. One of the dentists said:   You need to brush your teeth so they will look white and shiny. Once you’re a dentist then people …

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Dividend income – April 2015 update

It’s that time of the month where we tally our monthly dividend income. Because we’re enrolled in DRIP for many of our positions, the dividends do not get recorded until much later, hence for not …

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What is frugality? Frugality is…

What is frugality? Frugality is living below your means. Frugality is walking or biking to grocery stores instead of driving. Frugality is growing your own vegetables and herbs. Frugality is buying long lasting memories and experiences …

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Financial advice – Get in line and stay in line

get in line and stay in line

I recently heard this financial advice which I thought was ingenious. The advice simply says: Get in line and stay in line What does it mean exactly? The concept is very simple. No matter who we are or …

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Canadian dividend investing tips

Although we’ve been involved in dividend growth investing for a number of years, we are still learning. Mrs. T and I are always looking for ways to gain more knowledge on investment and personal finance …

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Dividend Income – March 2015 Update

It’s that time of the month again! Now, please excuse me for a minute so I can get off the chair and dance around like Dilbert and Willy for doing absolutely nothing and still getting …

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