Have I failed as a father?

have I failed as a father

Since Mrs. T is originally from Denmark and I am originally from Taiwan, we both know the benefits of being able to speak more than one language. Naturally, we wanted our kids to be able …

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Five lessons I’ve learned as an investor

five lessons I've learned as an investor

Long time readers may remember that the first stock I purchased was ING Canada. ING Canada caught my interest initially because my parents used ING for their house insurance. I also thought ING Canada owned …

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2021 Goals and Resolutions

2021 goals and resolutions

For the past two years, I set up goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year and posted them on this blog of mine. I then provided quarterly updates on how I was doing. …

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How to get rich quickly in stock market?

How to get rich quickly and easily in the stock market

At the beginning of last year, if I asked you to give a couple of predictions on how the stock market would perform in 2020, would you have predicted the big drop due to the …

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