Living outside the norm

Being left-handed, sometimes I feel that I think very different than right-handed people. I like to analyze things but also put a creative spin whenever I can. I’ve long learned to not care about what other people think about me – why waste my time & energy when I have better things to do, like enjoying life and building our dividend portfolio?

I’ve been following Jeremy and Winnie at Go Curry Cracker for a while and love the idea that they’re traveling around the world in their 30’s instead of working in a cubical. Mrs. T and I (and Baby T1.0) were fortunate to meet up with Team Go Curry Cracker (and GCC Jr.) for coffee when we were in Japan last year. We talked about being financially free, early retirement, and their travel plans. This meeting reinforced our dream of traveling around the world when we are financially free one day.

But what is our travel plans? Where do we plan to go? What’s our timeline? How would this work with 2 kids and their education? How can we possibly afford this kind of extravagant lifestyle?

With so many questions, I believe it’s time to write a post to discuss our travel plans. So I kidnapped the sarcastic Mr. 1500’s dinosaurs to force him let me write a guest post on his awesome blog*. Please head over to 1500 Days to check out my guest post on our incredible travel plans. 

*I’m kidding of course. 😀


Written by Tawcan
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