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I have been on the road this week. Although I have been traveling quite a bit the last few years, this is the second work trip for me this year. With two little ones at home, hopefully my work travels will stay minimal this year. On Tuesday, my original flight out from Vancouver was delayed by 30 minutes before I stepped my foot in the airport. Since I only had less than 1 hour to transfer in Seattle, I immediately emailed the travel agent that we use for work to warn her about my situation. By the time I cleared security & customs and finally talked to the travel agent on the phone, the airline had re-booked me on a different flight. However, when I got to the boarding gate, Tripcase had warned me that this particular flight was delayed by 20 minutes. The delay got even longer because there was a mechanical issue. Knowing mechanical issue usually would take a while to fix, I called the travel agent to evaluate alternatives. I knew there was no way for me to catch my connection flight in Seattle, so we started looking at the next flight out of Seattle. Unfortunately that flight was completely sold out, meaning I would have to wait in Seattle for 4+ hours. I was quick to ask if there were other airports I could go instead. Portland was the next best option. Instead of re-booking the tickets right away, I asked for possible backup options in Portland to make sure I could get myself to my final destination before end of Tues if more delays were to happen. Luckily I made it to my final destination just fine. I was happy that I re-booked my flight and connected through Portland instead Seattle, especially considering the plane with mechanical problem did not even take off from Vancouver (flight got canceled). After my quick meeting with the customer, I’m now sitting in Seattle waiting for my return flight. Thanks to my luck, the flight is delayed. 🙁

Anyway, Mrs. T forwarded me this inspiring advice and makes me ponder a lot about how I deal with things in my life…


You always have options. In every situation, you can choose how you are going to deal with it and how you are going to feel about it. The word option is most important, since you will be encouraged to have an open mind about attitudes which may well have kept you closed to being creatively alive. Wherever you find yourself in your life, whatever the circumstances, you can make the situation into a learning or growing experience, and you can choose not to be emotionally immobilized. Whether you are in a hospital bed, a prison, a routine job, in Hogwart Junction, the New York City slums, Wide-Spot-in-the-Road, Missouri, or on a long trip – the setting is irrelevant. You can be alive enough to get something out of the experience, and you can either like where you are, or if you prefer, work at moving to another, more fulfilling place.

By “creative” I don’t mean having a specialized skill in the arts, or being able to create culturally. “Creative” here has nothing to do with music, literature, art, science, or any of the typical definitions attached to it. When it comes to aliveness, “creative” refers to the individual’s capacity to apply himself to any undertaking in the world. If you consult yourself rather than a manual or somebody else’s idea of how things should be done, you can be creative in doing anything.

Creative aliveness means looking around any setting where you find yourself and asking, “How can I make this into a terrific experience? What can I say, think, feel or do that will bring about learning and fulfillment for me?” This kind of an attitude is yours to have if you decide to want it, and to stop allowing yourself to be victimized by yourself or those around you.

Your capacity to be creatively alive in virtually all life circumstances will depend in large part upon the kind of attitude you choose for yourself. The most crucial test of your attitude development will be in the face of adversity, rather than while things are running smoothly.

You may find it much easier, albeit far more self-destructive, to give in to adversity and become a victim of your sour feelings. But if you are effective enough at not having victim expectations, you can also work at turning misfortune around and even making it work in your favor. The cornerstone of your attitude must be alertness for taking advantage of your situations, making your expectations revolve around wanting to emerge as a non-victim, and looking hard for the right kind of opportunity. Even if the opportunity does not surface, you can keep your attitude positive so that your glumness does not blind you to potential advantage.

You are the product of what you choose for yourself in every life situation. You do have the capacity to make healthy choices for yourself by changing your attitude to one of creative aliveness. By being ever alert for turning adversity around, by improving your attitudes and expectations for yourself, and by fearlessly implementing risk-taking alternatives, you’ll soon be gratified by the way your life can take a turn for the better. Be fully alive while you’re here on this planet; you’ll have an eternity to experience the opposite after you leave.

— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (1940-2015)


So don’t be quick to take the negative route when facing with a challenging situation. You always have the choice on how you react to a negative situation. You do have the capacity to make healthy choices by changing your attitude. This is true for journey to financial independence as well. You may have debt, you may feel that you can’t save enough money toward retirement, you may be unsure about investing in the stock market, you may feel nervous investing 100% in equities, and etc. How you react is entirely your choice. You can choose to react negatively or you can choose to react positively.

I think most of us would like to react positively as that will make our life way more pleasant. It’s simple in concept but not always easy to do. All we can do is continue practicing our way of dealing challenging situations and improving ourselves as human beings.

Dear readers, what did you get out of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s inspiring advice?

Written by Tawcan
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