Happy belated 1 year blog anniversary

Wow I can’t believe I’ve been blogging on Tawcan.com for over a year year now. My goal has always been to share my ideas on personal finance, frugality, investing, financial independence, and living a meaningful & joyful life with other like-minded people and hopefully learn a few things throughout the process. I have to say, it has been a lot of fun writing on the blog this past year and connecting with other like-minded people. I have also learned a lot in the past year. We have a great FI community and I love how everyone is so supportive of each other. I really appreciate all of you visiting this blog and reading the posts, especially people that come back on a regular basis. I also really appreciate all of you that take your time to leave a comment on this blog. I always enjoy replying back to your comments. It blows my mind to see so many PF blogs listing this blog on their blogrolls and mentioning specific blog post(s) that I have written. Again I really appreciate the support and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Some stats:

blog stats

I’ve published 107 posts in a little over 1 year! Currently there are 14 drafts that I’ve written partially or working on still.

Apparently I have a lot of things to say. 🙂


Here are some posts that received a lot of attention the past year.

Moving forward I will focus on writing high quality blog posts. Any suggestions for me to improve this blog? I’m always open for suggestions.

Thank you very much for all your support so far. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

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58 thoughts on “Happy belated 1 year blog anniversary”

  1. Been reading your post for the past 4 months. And, I must say that I have learned a lot. Congrats! Looking forward to another fruitful year Tawcan.

  2. Tawcan,

    Congrats on the amazing first year. It has been a pleasure reading your 107 articles and getting to know you through commenting. Keep up the great work. You will be shocked at how fast Year 2 flies by and the progress your life and website will make.

    -The Dividend Diplomats

  3. Congrats on your one-year anniversary! Over 100 posts in a year is quite the accomplishment. Considering most blogs don’t make it past the six month mark, you should be very proud of your success and the community you’ve built here.

  4. Well, it looks great. You’ve published 2 articles/week, which is a very good strategy. And the content has always been great (reason we do read you :)).

    Congratulations for your success and keep up the great job.

  5. Congrats on this big milestone, Tawcan! Your blog was one of the first ones I discovered in the DGI community and it’s been a pleasure keeping up with your progress. Hope to follow along for many more years!


    • Hi Mr. SSC,

      I need to focus more on high quality contents rather than quantity. I’ll work hard on that this 2nd year.

  6. Congrats Tawcan! It feels like you’ve been around so much longer than a year! I’ve really enjoyed all your content this past year and can’t wait to read your writing for many years to come in the future!

  7. I’m at 7 months and 139 posts. Apparently I have too much to say.

    Happy blog birthday! Hope to see many more to come.

    • Hi AFFJ,

      Thanks. Many a little too active lol. Definitely need to focus on writing some high quality contents rather than quantity.

  8. Thanks for blogging Tawcan. Always a pleasure visiting you on your blog. I always enjoy it. Awesome to have a fellow Canadian blogger as well as we are familiar with the Canadian side of investing. US is where it’s at for sure but for some reason, I’m a bit home bias… LOL. I can’t help it. Also nice to receive the Dividend Tax Credit.
    Hope you always find time and share your journey with us. Thanks my friend.

  9. Tawcan,

    Happy blogiversary!

    The time just flies by, which is all the more reason to save and invest. Don’t want to find that five years went by and you’re in the same spot.

    Here’s to another year. 🙂


  10. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!

    I love that your parents called you boring for not having a tv. My mom stays at our house if we travel when school is in session. You can imagine her horror that first time when she realized we only had Netflix 🙂 I almost thought we were going to have to cancel our trip, lol. She’s chilled out now though. Maybe she’s mentally prepared now plus we got her an ipad mini for Christmas to provide some additional entertainment.

  11. Happy Anniversary. I can’t believe you’ve only been around for a year. I hit my one-year mark in a month, and I know I won’t be as far along as you are at the same stage.

    Awesome job. 107 posts! I’m at like 63 and I feel like that’s a lot. And 2,500 comments, that’s crazy. I have like 400.

    Alright, no more comparing. Way to go and here’s a toast to many more anniversaries to come.


  12. Congrats on the blogiversary! Really glad to have found your blog and sharing this journey to financial freedom.

    Best wishes


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