Dividend Income – July 2015 update

Thank you for dropping by. It’s time for my favourite post of the month – monthly dividend update. I seem to say this a lot lately but I can’t believe it’s already August! Considering that we spent 2.5 weeks of July on vacation, I suppose it makes sense to feel that July just zoomed by. I really like dividend income for the reason that we are receiving the money regardless of what we’re doing. We can be spending time at our daily jobs, we can be sitting on the beach with a cold beer, or we can be traveling around the world, we receive dividend income by simply owning dividend paying businesses. Receiving dividend income from 1 business is good but it’s even better if you receive dividend income from multiple businesses. The more businesses that you receive dividends from, the more diversified your income is. Think of this way, would you rather receive a deposit of $5,000 each month from 1 source, or would you rather have 20 deposits of $250 from different sources? I think the latter case is preferred because it means that if you lose one income source, it’s not end of the world.


Here’s a list of stocks that we received dividends in July 2015:

Agrium Inc. (AGU.TO)
Pure Industrial REIT (AAR.UN)
Bell (BCE)
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO)
Chorus Aviation (CHR.B)
Corus Entertainment (CJR.B)
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM.TO)
Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ)
Dream Office REIT (D.UN)
Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN)
Energyplus Corp (ERF.TO)
General Electric (GE)
Husky Energy (HSE.TO)
KEG Income Trust (KEG.UN)
Coca Cola (KO)
Liquor Store (LIQ.TO)
Potash (POT.TO)
Rogers Communications (RCI.B)
Saputo Inc. (SAP.TO)
Telus (T.TO)
TD Canada (TD.TO)
TransCanada Corp (TRP.TO)
Domtar Corp (UFS.TO)

In July we received a total of $975.71 in dividend from 25 companies with $135.56 in US currency and $840.15 in Canadian currency. I’m very excited to report that this is the highest amount that we received so far in 2015! When we look at the YOY increase, July 2015 dividend income is 54.8% increase compared to July 2014. Wow! I’m also extremely pleased to see that we are very close to the big $1,000 dividend income per month milestone. With fresh capital and re-investing dividends, I’m very certain that we will cross this milestone by next July, the real question is by how much. 🙂

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For this dividend income update I have included the US and Canadian breakdown as per readers’ requests. However, the total income amount is calculated by taking a 1 to 1 currency rate approach. In other words, I’m not converting income in US currency back to Canadian dollar. I like doing this because it keeps the math simple and avoids fluctuations in dividend income over time due to change in the currency rate. I do not want to have some inflated income numbers simply because the Canadian dollar is doing poorly and vice versa.

I’m somewhat shocked to see how much dividend income we received in July. At $20 per hour wage, that equates to over 48 hours that I do not have to work for. That’s more than a week worth of regular work hour. If we use the minimum wage of BC, $10.25, that’s over 95 hours that I don’t have to work for. It doesn’t really matter which hourly wage we use to calculate, the bottom line is that the money we received is something we do not have to actively work for. We can instead spend that previous time on something that we truly enjoy, like cooking, traveling, reading, taking photos, or other hobbies of ours.

So far this year we’ve received a total of $5,722.6 in dividend income. Pretty awesome for doing absolutely nothing don’t you agree?

How as your July dividend income?

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52 thoughts on “Dividend Income – July 2015 update”

  1. Hi Tawcan,

    Seems you had a great month. Almost 1 000$ for making good decisions in the past and then nothing else is great!

    Have a good weekend.


    • Hi TheMoneyMine,

      I was shocked to see such YOY increase. Will be interesting to see whether we can hit that kind of impressive YOY increase next year.

  2. Looking great! With additional investing you’ll make great progress over the next few years. Dividend stocks are getting cheaper now too.
    I like how you convert the dividend to working hours. I should try that too. 🙂

    • Hi Joe,

      I like to put thing into perspective and convert dividend to working hours is my way to determining if we’re making progress or not.

  3. Congrats on your August dividend total! I recently read an article by retireby40.org that talked about looking at your dividends as a snowball.

    Similar to a debt snowball (where you pay off your smallest debts first then take the money you paying on the smallest and pay that in addition to your normal payment on the next smallest, creating a snowball affect).

    With the dividend snowball, you figure out what smaller monthly expenses you can pay with your dividends so that before long all your monthly expenses are covered by the snowball (and you are then FI).

    I never thought of looking at it that way, but it was encouraging. It got me thinking so I went and figured out my monthly dividend average, it is $2,125, which is pretty good, it covers most of the small bills. The fund that produces the most dividends for me is the Fidelity Contra Fund (FCNTX).

    All the best!

    • Hi Steve,

      We’re definitely rolling our dividend snowball and making it bigger and bigger. That’s a pretty awesome monthly dividend average you got there!

  4. This is one of my favorite post, Tawcan, where you include your dividend income. I think this is another great month! Congrats!

  5. Hey Tawcan,

    Man, you’re killing it! A 54.8% increase YoY is not something that happens every year, especially when your dividend income is as high as yours – simply astounding. I can’t wait till you hit that coveted target that we all have; the 1,000 £/$/€ milestone. Do you think you’ll reach it this year?

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Dividend Legion,

      I’m surprised about our YOY increase as well. I think we can make it the $1k per month milestone this year but we’ll have to see.

  6. See all the love you get Tawcan. We’re all here to support you on your journey my friend. Let’s keep HUSTLING IT UP! Congrats on the income and best wishes to your family. Take care my friend.

  7. Great numbers and very well done. We hope to hit $1,000 per month average in early 2016. That’s the goal!

    “So far this year we’ve received a total of $5,722.6 in dividend income. Pretty awesome for doing absolutely nothing don’t you agree?’

    Agreed 🙂

  8. Hey Tawcan,

    Welcome to August!! Haha. It sure did sneak up on me, too.

    Looks like you had an incredible month over there. You should feel so accomplished having 25 companies pay for your financial independence and peace of mind. That’s awesome.

    I’m cherishing victories of my own as I get started income investing myself. Although they are small victories, they are victories nonetheless.

    Hope you had a good weekend, and hope August treats you well.

    Til next time,

    • Hi Dylan,

      It’s always good to celebrate the small victories. They’re victories nonetheless. We can’t be chasing after the big victories all the time.

  9. Thats truly fantastic, Tawcan. Congrats on the dividend income! You are so close to the magical $1K per month number – which Im sure you will reach by next quarter or later this year. Keep up the great work!


    • Hi R2R,

      Thanks, hopefully we’ll reach this milestone by next quarter and being able to achieve 1k per month consistently.

  10. Wow, what a great dividend income!!! , keep the passive income getting bigger each month, and it great to know that you can take 1 week off without worried about the income.

  11. Outstanding stuff here Tawcan, well done! Or should I congratulate your 25 employees?

    Brilliant total for the year too. Do you think you’ll hit the $1,000 mark in 2015? You were so close this month.

    All the best

    • Hi Huw,

      Thanks. I think we might hit the $1,000 mark in 2015 as long as we continue adding new capital. Wait and see I guess.


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