Several readers have reached out to me about coaching on personal finance, investing, and financial independence related topics. I truly believe it is valuable to do one on one coaching because you can personalize the information and I am very happy to be sharing my knowledge. Therefore, a coaching service by yours truly is born.

Coaching Topics

Some of the coaching topics include but not limited to…

  • Getting out of debt
  • Budgeting
  • Managing your spending
  • Setting up an investment portfolio (index ETFs, dividend growth investing, or hybrid approach)
  • Reviewing portfolio
  • Prioritizing your financial goals
  • Planning for financial independence early retirement (FIRE!)
  • Tax minimizing strategies
  • Long term planning

Please note I am not a certified financial coach, all the knowledge I have are either self-taught or through financial courses I’ve taken for my own learning purposes. I am very happy to teach others the things that I have learned so far because I see the tools working for myself and my family on a daily basis, and I know that they can work for you too.

My goal for the coaching sessions is to teach you how to manage your finances, so you have the confidence to do everything yourself. Of course, I will be available to provide additional help/coaching/consultation if needed.

What You Will Get

  • Unbiased financial advice
  • One-on-one coaching over Skype
  • Down-to-earth, easy to understand approach
  • Friendly Canadian perspective… Eh?

You’ll get coaching from this guy. 🙂


Why do I charge a fee?

Between a full-time job, this blog, my photography business, Mrs. T and I’s cookbook business, and family responsibilities, I only have limited time each day. Time is valuable, so it only makes sense to charge a fee for my services.


There are two straight forward coaching packages available, and a follow-up session package available.

Prior to our coaching call, I will ask for an email with as much financial background information as possible and any topics that should be discussed during the coaching session. This will allow me to do an in-depth review of each individual client’s financial situation so we can stay laser focused during the coaching sessions.

The coaching sessions are done through Skype.

  • Basic Coaching Session: 1 Hour. $149
  • Extended Coaching Session: 2 Hours. $279
  • Follow up Coaching Session (can be applied to both of the above): 30 min. $69

The extended coaching session can be broken into two one-hour sessions.

All the private financial and personal information that the clients provide will, of course, stay confidential. I will not use any of the info on this blog or share with a third-party.


What my clients are saying:

Bob brought a really good blend of experience and insight to our coaching session that was very helpful. He prompted some excellent questions for me to think about for my Financial Independence planning process. He’s also very personable and I appreciate his values and the professional approach he brought to our session. I would definitely recommend his coaching service to others. – Darren

I have been investing in dividend stocks for a little over a year and I can say that Bob’s blog has been a major resource of knowledge for me, his coaching sessions were nothing short of insightful and helpful in adding to my investing knowledge. Bob brings a great amount of experience and financial understanding in a more personalized way through his coaching sessions which I recommend  to anyone who is looking to get a financial edge in attaining specific goals or even just get started investing!  – Elias


I wanted to take a more active role in reaching my financial independence but I didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. I wanted unbiased advice, I definitely wasn’t getting it at my bank. Bob made me feel comfortable and talked to me in a language I could understand. Clear, concise, unbiased advice, it was just what I needed. Thank you Bob for inspiring and for helping me to take my future into my own hands! – Rachel


Interested? Let’s talk!

Interested in having a coaching session with me? Please fill out the form below and let’s chat!

Once I receive your email, I will provide payment instructions via Paypal or Interac e-Transfer.

After receiving payment, I will send an email requesting your financial information. We will then schedule a time for the coaching session.