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Several readers have reach out to me via email about coaching on personal finance, investing, and financial independence related topics. While I have tried to answer questions via email, most of these questions really require further & lengthy discussions. I truly believe it is more valuable and effective to discuss these questions in a one on one setting. Therefore, I have decided to start a coaching service to share my knowledge and help as many readers as I can.

Coaching Topics

Some of the coaching topics include but not limited to…

  • Getting out of debt
  • Budgeting
  • Managing your spending
  • Setting up an investment portfolio (index ETFs, dividend growth investing, or hybrid approach)
  • Reviewing portfolio
  • Prioritizing your financial goals
  • Planning for financial independence early retirement (FIRE!)
  • Tax minimizing strategies
  • Long term planning

My goal for the coaching sessions is to teach you how to manage your finances, so you have the confidence to do everything yourself. Of course, I will be available to provide additional help/coaching/consultation if needed.

What You Will Get

  • Unbiased financial advice
  • One-on-one coaching over Skype
  • Down-to-earth, easy to understand approach
  • Friendly Canadian perspective… Eh?
Sorry you won’t be getting coaching sessions from her…
You’ll get coaching from this guy instead. 🙂

Why do I charge a fee?

You are probably wondering, if I truly want to help as many readers as possible, why don’t I just offer the coaching service for free?

Well, between a full-time job, this blog, my photography business, Mrs. T and I’s cookbook business, and family responsibilities, I only have limited time each day. Time is valuable, so it only makes sense to charge a fee for my services.


There are two straight forward coaching packages available. I am also offering a follow-up coaching session in case clients want to have further discussions down the road.

Prior to our coaching call, I will ask for an email with as much financial background information as possible and any topics that should be discussed during the coaching session. This will allow me to do an in-depth review of each individual client’s financial situation so we can stay laser focused during the coaching sessions.

The coaching sessions are done through Skype.

  • Basic Coaching Session: 1 Hour. $129
  • Extended Coaching Session: 2 Hours. $239
  • Follow up Coaching Session (can be applied to both of the above): 30 min. $49

After the coaching session I will provide a summary of our call and action items for you to work on.

All the private financial and personal information that the clients provide will, of course, stay confidential. I will not use any of the info on this blog or share with a third-party.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, Mrs. T has been suggesting offering a coaching service for the last year or so. I have always been a bit hesitant. Would I do a good job? Would people value my tips? After several readers sending me emails asking for specialized help, I feel that a coaching service is the right thing to do. I am extremely excited to help others to improve their finances and hopefully they can reach financial independence in the not-so-distance future.

Interested in having a coaching session with me? Need specific help? Check out the coaching page for more info.

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22 thoughts on “Coaching service now available”

  1. Good luck Bob! One piece of advice is to have there is value propositions in your coaching page. Answer the “why you?” from various angles.

    I have a one on one coaching page as well, but it is not advertised. Just found through Google or my email out of office. It can get overwhelming, so it will be curious to see how it goes!

    I think you’re fine whole process to be very rewarding if you can find the time to do it.


  2. Congratulations on starting the extra business Bob. You might just become the Zen Habits of the personal finance world! Best of luck with the venture – tons of value in your blog.

  3. This is a very creative way to start a side hustle by leveraging your personal finance blog. Lots of other bloggers monetize by advertising, or offering courses/products. But you are the first I’ve seen to offer personalized coaching. Good luck. 🙂 It’d be great to hear your experience on this after awhile.

  4. Good luck on your new endeavour! I’m with Mr. Tako, in that I have no idea where you’re finding the time for this sort of thing. I work from home with no commute, don’t run a photography business on the side, nor a cookbook business, and have 2 kids nearly the same age as yours, and I collapse in a pile at the end of the day.

  5. Nice Bob. Its amazing how many emails you get from a website with questions about finances. I think its a great idea, one i have thought about doing over kijii or whatnot. Personally i think the girl looks better tho =)
    Best of luck man!

  6. Wow this is SO exciting! I’m sure you would do a great job! You’re so good at multi-tasking and operating so many different businesses.

    P.S. I think people would prefer to get financial advice from you than the female coach in the photo. ^.^

  7. I think it’s a great idea, people sometimes need someone to bounce things off of. I’m writting a book on German real estate and I pay about 60€ an hour for a writting coach worth every penny. The only thing I could see if people might complain about the cost especially if they are in debt. Perhaps you offer it in 30 min blocks.

    Good luck

  8. Good luck on the new business endeavor Bob! I’m sure you’ll do fantastic!

    I’m positively amazed you’re finding the time to do this! I’m FIREd with two kids (and my blog), and my time is way too limited to attempt something like this. Impressed!


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