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I have been spending some time tweaking this blog the last few days. Most of the tweaks are under the hood, some have to do the blog hosting, some have to do with SEO optimization, some have to do with the blog security. Blogging isn’t new to me as I’ve blogged on various sites for over 11+ years but this is really the first time that I am hosting a blog on myself rather than relying on Blogspot or WordPress. Boy there are a lot of things I need to look after. I still have a bit of tweaking that I would like to do and if possible I’d like to update the blog theme as well. I just need to spend some time finding a theme that I like and play around with the layout.

If you haven’t noticed, I also played a little bit of the side bar layout as well. I have moved up the newsletter sign up box. If you like the posts I’ve written and would like to keep in touch, please subscribe to the newsletter on your right.

After much consideration I also decided to add a Facebook fan page. Feel free to like it. If you’re on Twitter and would like to keep in touch or read my completely random tweets from time to time, feel free to follow me.

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Now back to more under the hood tweaking.

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