Ask the readers – what’s your coffee drinking habit?

coffee gulping

I can’t remember when I first started drinking coffee, probably when I was a teenager. When I was younger, my parents used to brew coffee on weekends and we would sit down and drink coffee together while eating breakfast. Back then, drinking coffee was a treat for me.

Somehow, coffee has become a part of my daily life. Mrs. T and I would regularly sit down and have hygge by having a cup of coffee, some small treats, and spend quality time together. At work, I would drink a cup or two of coffee and socialize with other co-workers while waiting for coffee to be made by the Nespresso machine.

The coffee drinking habit stuck. Unlike many people though, I am not addicted to coffee by any means. I just like the taste and the smell of coffee.

But this “non-addiction” habit seemed to have changed with the arrival of Baby T2.0.

After Baby T2.0’s arrival, thanks to lack of sleep, I began drinking more and more coffee during the day. In addition, I would drink English Breakfast tea throughout the day. When I got back to work after my short parental leave, this habit continued. I would drink 2 cups of coffee, between 3 or 4 cups of English Breakfast, and a few cups of herbal tea each day. Good thing we can get free Nespresso coffee and tea at work, or this habit would have cost me quite a bit of money!

Lately though, I have been feeling drowsy in the morning even after a good night of sleep (Baby T2.0 has been sleeping relatively well). My head would feel unclear and I would have a tough time concentrating while eating breakfast. This has resulted in me making myself a cup of coffee or English Breakfast and drinking it while eating breakfast. This is something I have never done in the past. Usually I would just have milk or water with my breakfast. Somehow, it seems that I have become addicted to caffeine. I need to consume caffeine to stay awake.

I feel that I need to kick this habit.

I need to change.

So starting today, I have decided to give up coffee and any caffeinated drinks until July 1st. I’m not going to count down the days. I’m not going to wonder whether I’m going to drink coffee on July 1st or not. For this habit change challenge, I’m going to take it one day at the time.

I am energetic.

I am alert.

I am happy.

I’ll report back with my progress here and there.

Dear readers, are you addicted to coffee or caffeinated drinks? Want to take this challenge with me?

Written by Tawcan
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