Being appreciative by looking from a different angle

I’m sitting in Frankfurt airport waiting to board my flight home. The quick 3.5 day turnaround European trip was a success. I can’t believe my total flight time will be close to 24 hours and I am only in Germany for a 2 day meeting. In this instance I can look at things from a pessimistic perspective and think that my life sucks – I had to fly all the way from Vancouver to Munich for a 2 day meeting, then fly back home. I was away from my family and had to dine alone for a few occasions. However I choose to look at things from an optimistic perspective and think that my life rocks – I get to fly all the way from Vancouver to Germany on company money, spend probably about $3.5k in total, and get credit card reward and aeroplan points. I also had the chance to quickly walk around in Munich to check out some sites that I visited 10 years ago. On top of that, it shows that I have a lot of responsibilities at work so my travel can be justified.





The difference of being optimistic and pessimistic is paper thin. It’s all about looking things from a different angle. You can treat any situation either positively or negatively. To me, I believe it’s important to look at things positively and be appreciative of my life.

I’m appreciative that Mrs. T and I can save money on a monthly basis and use this money to invest in dividend growing stocks. I’m also appreciative to receive dividend income every month. It doesn’t matter how much dividend income I’m receiving on a monthly basis. The important thing is that I’m making progress and having a positive cash flow from dividend income. A dollar now can grow to thousands of dollar if invested correctly.

You can look at things negatively and be a pessimist all the time… but you life will be miserable. Why do you want to live like that and dread about your life on a daily basis? I’d rather look at things positively and be an optimist. I’m much happier and people around me will be much happier too.

Having said that, being positive does take a lot of practice. It’s a continuous practice.

Time to board my flight!

Written by Tawcan
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