Being appreciative by looking from a different angle

I’m sitting in Frankfurt airport waiting to board my flight home. The quick 3.5 day turnaround European trip was a success. I can’t believe my total flight time will be close to 24 hours and I am only in Germany for a 2 day meeting. In this instance I can look at things from a pessimistic perspective and think that my life sucks – I had to fly all the way from Vancouver to Munich for a 2 day meeting, then fly back home. I was away from my family and had to dine alone for a few occasions. However I choose to look at things from an optimistic perspective and think that my life rocks – I get to fly all the way from Vancouver to Germany on company money, spend probably about $3.5k in total, and get credit card reward and aeroplan points. I also had the chance to quickly walk around in Munich to check out some sites that I visited 10 years ago. On top of that, it shows that I have a lot of responsibilities at work so my travel can be justified.





The difference of being optimistic and pessimistic is paper thin. It’s all about looking things from a different angle. You can treat any situation either positively or negatively. To me, I believe it’s important to look at things positively and be appreciative of my life.

I’m appreciative that Mrs. T and I can save money on a monthly basis and use this money to invest in dividend growing stocks. I’m also appreciative to receive dividend income every month. It doesn’t matter how much dividend income I’m receiving on a monthly basis. The important thing is that I’m making progress and having a positive cash flow from dividend income. A dollar now can grow to thousands of dollar if invested correctly.

You can look at things negatively and be a pessimist all the time… but you life will be miserable. Why do you want to live like that and dread about your life on a daily basis? I’d rather look at things positively and be an optimist. I’m much happier and people around me will be much happier too.

Having said that, being positive does take a lot of practice. It’s a continuous practice.

Time to board my flight!

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17 thoughts on “Being appreciative by looking from a different angle”

  1. Spot on with this article!

    I believe there are very very few situations in life where people have the right to hold a pessimistic view of it. Most things people moan about are drops in the ocean of an otherwise great life they are leading, especially when compared to a lot of the other people on this planet. People get obsessed with small issues and blow them up in their minds, I realise some people are “just like this” but I also believe that with some reading up on positive mindset philosophies and excercises, followed by some introspection and a lot of practice, people can change their outlook.

    Also I don’t think the doom and gloom media help with peoples outlook on life!

  2. We sometimes take things like water, food, gas, electric, and shelter for granted. These are the basic needs and remember when I had no water for a shower because my pipes froze. I also remember only being able to afford $40 of food a week when I was broke. I also slept a few nights in my old ford explorer due to relationship issues. I certainly have come a long way, and although these weren’t extremely serious issues I still feel like it made be stronger. Those things made me realize that life can be much worse. Thanks for the article.

  3. Such a great reminder. Life is all about how you look at things. You can choose to focus on the crappy stuff or you can look for the beauty in life. I really appreciate this message, thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice photos from your turnaround trip Tawcan. Sometimes we all just need to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Doing so in a new place certainly makes it easier…Great strategy! Sounds like I may need to take a quick vacation somewhere soon to help me find a new perspective for myself. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your post. Best Wishes! AFFJ

  5. Great perspective, as well as the acknowledgement that it’s not always easy to do. As you say, the important thing is that you’re making progress, and keep putting in the effort to improve in both your attitude and your investing!

  6. Being grateful and appreciative is really the key to happiness and success – if you are grateful, then you are happy! A trick that I do is to write down the things that I’m grateful for every day in a journal. It’s helpful.

  7. Great post. It IS absolutely all about and always about perspective…there are so many things to be grateful for in life. It’s important to stop and remember that, good on you to do so 🙂


  8. Tough to travel when u leave the lil ones at home I find. But its a good break as well and changes your perspective on things usually for the better when u take a lil break. I find my focus is better when I return on lil getaways.

  9. This is a great message to keep in mind and one that is easy to forget. The media seems so focused on how terrible things are. In politics, crime, and the economy. If a person isn’t careful they can really get sucked into the doom and gloom.

    Are things perfect in the world right now? No of course not but people are better off then I think they realize especially if they stop worrying about what others have and they don’t and start appreciating what they do have in their life.

  10. It is all perspective too.

    Whenever I have a bad day at work, I remind myself that I’m lucky to have a good job and am not unemployed.

    Some people I know don’t read or listen to the news because they say it’s just depressing – actually, that sort of news just makes you be thankful for what we have in our lives, that we have a roof over our heads, have no need to live in daily fear for our lives and have food in our bellies.

    I have to travel to London next week which I’m really not looking forward to because of bad timing and because I have to do a presentation in front of senior leaders – I hope I remember my own advice then haha!

    Great that you got to take in some sights in Germany, Tawcan!

  11. Everything in life is all about perspective. We all know those people that are never happy or content with anything in their lives. Just like we know those people that are not well off financially are ill, etc. and always have a smile on their face. It’s attitude and perspective that can get you through some of the toughest times in life. Great attitude with your work travel.

  12. Well said. It’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture sometimes. I know I am so fortunate to be where I am in life, and am appreciative of all the support from friends and family. It’s much easier to be optimistic when you’re thinking of other people as well, instead of just yourself.

  13. I must admit, I do take things for granted at times and complain about the smallest of things. It’s nice to just stand still for a moment and appreciate what’s around you. I found that meditation has helped me to be more appreciative.

    Great post, thanks!

  14. Great reminder Tawcan.

    You’re absolutely right. We all have the opportunity to DECIDE how we want to fell about any situation in life. It’s of course much easier said than done!

    I had my Gall Bladder removed the day after my birthday last week. I couldn’t celebrate my big day the way I would have liked. I’m off sick from work, alone, and recovering from the surgery. I can’t weight train, run or even walk properly. Going to the toilet, and washing myself is a challenge. Is it all that bad though?!

    I’m getting full sick pay to recover from a condition I’ve been suffering from for over a year. I had surgery that didn’t cost me a penny, and my fiance happens to be a nurse for a living. I’ve used my recovery time to catch up on great Blogs like yours. I’ve been able to use this time to educate myself, gain some perspective on what’s important in life.

    I’M GLAD I HAD SURGERY! …..and by simply embracing that thought it puts a smile on my face.

    Good on you for making that decision!

    I hope you have a safe flight back. All the best.


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