FIRE Canada Interview # 9 – Relocating to Spain

A while ago, I started a financial independence retire early interview series where I interviewed Canadians who are either financially independent, retired early, or close to these key financial milestones. The reason for the series …

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Examining Tawcan’s Dividend Portfolio

Long time readers of this blog know that I created this blog to chronical our financial independence journey. Although technically we can be financially independent today, we decided to take the slow approach. We decided …

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FinCon 2019 – A Canadian’s Recap

Last week I was in Washington DC for five days and attended the annual personal finance conference – FinCon. I went to FinCon 2017 in Dallas but missed last year’s event in Orlando. This year, …

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How to read annual and quarterly reports

how to read annual and quarterly reports

One of the best things you can do, as an investor, is to read a company’s annual and quarterly reports. Reading these reports is especially important when you are looking to invest in a new …

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Take care of your future one step at a time

financial independece retire early one step at a time

It’s hard to believe that it is September already, meaning that three quarters of 2019 is almost gone. Over the next couple of days, Baby T1.0 will start Grade 1 and Baby T2.0 will start …

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