Maui slow travel for 12 days

Back in late February, Mrs. T, Baby T1.0, Baby T2.0 and I spent 12 days in Maui. This was one trip where we travel hacked so we saved ourselves over $10,000. We used points for …

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Dividend Income – Mar 2018 Update

March was a special month for Mrs. T and I as Baby T2.0 turned 2! I will always remember her relatively quick birth at home (planned), holding her for the very first time, clamping and …

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Can I be financially independent today // Geoarbitrage

Can I be financially independent today?

I recently came across a cool website called Nomad List Financial Independence Calculator. By entering your age, net worth, location, current income, current expenses, and other investment related numbers, the calculator then determines how early …

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