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Financial Post:
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Rock Star Finance:
Have-Do-Be or Be-Do-Have? That is the question!
Dying to be me
Guilty Pleasure
Financial advice - get in line and stay in line
So my parents called me boring
Weird things I did to save money in my 20's
Why I practice being financially independent despite not FI yet...and why you should too
Frugality and how it can prevent catastrophic disruption of life on Earth


Guest Post Appearance

The following bloggers thought I was cool enough to write on their website. Feel very honored to have such opportunity.

1500 Days: Tawcan's Incredible Travel Plans 

The Dividend Guy: In Search for Optimal Numbers of Stocks in your Portfolio

My Own Advisor: Tawcan – Why I’m living off dividends and distributions

My Own Advisor: How to use ShareOwner to Invest

Retire By 40: Tawcan's 7 Phases of Retirement

Dividend Growth Investor: Financial independence by collecting underpants? Are you serious?

Northern Expenditure: The Roth IRA... I mean TFSA Challenge


I was fortunate to be interviewed by other awesome PF bloggers.

Even Steven Money: Financial Independence Interview-Tawcan

Debt Discipline: Interview Series - Tawcan

Dividend Diplomats: Interview with Tawcan

1500 Days to Freedom: 10 Questions with Tawcan

Gen Y Finance Guy: Freedom Fighter Interview: Tawcan

Investment Hunting: Blogger Interview 6 - Tawcan

Physician on Fire: Christopher Guest Post: Tawcan


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