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As Seen In
Some of my articles were picked up by major websites.

Globe and Mail:
Carrick On Money: Strange things happen to men in their 40s

Rock Star Finance:
Have-Do-Be or Be-Do-Have? That is the question!
Dying to be me
Guilty Pleasure
Financial advice - get in line and stay in line
So my parents called me boring
Weird things I did to save money in my 20's

Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Indulgences to Get the Most Out of Them

Guest Post Appearance
The following bloggers thought I was cool enough to write on their website. Feel very honored to have such opportunity.

1500 Days: Tawcan's Incredible Travel Plans 

The Dividend Guy: In Search for Optimal Numbers of Stocks in your Portfolio

My Own Advisor: Tawcan – Why I’m living off dividends and distributions

My Own Advisor: How to use ShareOwner to Invest

Retire By 40: Tawcan's 7 Phases of Retirement

Dividend Growth Investor: Financial independence by collecting underpants? Are you serious?

I was fortunate to be interviewed by other awesome PF bloggers.

Even Steven Money: Financial Independence Interview-Tawcan

Debt Discipline: Interview Series - Tawcan

Dividend Diplomats: Interview with Tawcan

1500 Days to Freedom: 10 Questions with Tawcan

Gen Y Finance Guy: Freedom Fighter Interview: Tawcan

Investment Hunting: Blogger Interview 6 - Tawcan